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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Take Charge of Our Bucket :)

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

How Full is Your Bucket is definitely a must read book for everyone!
*I do not received any commission for promoting this book anyway* =)
Along the road in Bukittinggi, Indonesia
The moment I saw this book at one of MPH stores last year, I just simply grabbed and paid for it. And that was the first book that I straight away read  upon purchased although there are still a lot of books queuing for turn to be read by me :P 
Sometimes, the only thing that we have to change inside us is the way we view and perceive everything that happening around us. Having a strong faith that everything happens for reasons is a must for us, especially for a Muslim who must uphold the sixth Pillars of Iman which is The Belief in Al-Qadar.
Istana Pagaruyung, Padang, Indonesia
One of the most interesting facts that I figured out from that book is;
For every one negative bucket, we need to neutralize it with  five positive buckets.
And that fact is somehow surprising and makes me realized that how much we have waste our life for responding excessively to all negativities that surround us.
It is good to be ignorance; especially on things and matters that have less impact to us and just make us feel emotional without any reasons. That is why ignorance sometimes is a bless.
However, there is still a need for us to react on any negative things that may have huge impacts to us; but be mindful to react in a very positive manner.
Danau Singkarak, Padang, Indonesia
It's because the tones and manners that matter the most; more than the wisdom message that we are trying to convey.
And in order to remain positive al the times (although it sounds too ambitious), we have to avoid seeing and hearing the negative things from negative people.
Remember, positivity always begin with ourselves =)
Have a nice day :)

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