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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Necessary Rambling

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

As time goes by, I have realized more that blood is always thicker than water. It is no deniable that there are few cases that water is thicker than blood, but based on my personal experience, it is always otherwise. Regardless how the relationship has become thinner due to some issues, it is always return back thicker after some times.
This post is based on my personal view and observation. I have seen the way most of the parents raising up their kids somehow have made the ladies become more reliable as compared to the gentlemen. We, ladies are trained to be more independent, strong, reliable and lots more. You named it. It is quite a sad fact that most of our gentlemen nowadays have become less dependable as compared to past years.
Swan River, Perth, Australia
This fact may sound feminist in the eyes of some people. But as I said, it is truly based on my personal view and observation. Sadly, it do happen to some of my close relatives that the sons are less reliable as compared to the daughters. It's somehow triggered my mind; is it due to our education system?
From my observation and experience, our education system is on the pro side for those who are fall under visual type of learner. And hence, it has become a con side for those who are audiometry and kinesthetic; and I strongly believe most of the boys fall under this type of learner.
Living in the country whereby academics background and number of A's somehow can impact the future has make this thing becomes worst. Some of the ladies are being advised by the older generations to not become selective in choosing their other better half in order to avoid being single until late age. But luckily, not all ladies are buy-in into this kind of stereotype of thinking, including me. :)
Kings Park, Perth, Australia
Taking my own father as example, he has become a reliable brother to all his brothers and his only sister. Although there are some moments whereby I think that he supposedly not treat his sister who is already married with so-called some kind of luxury, but when I rethink back during my rationale state of emotion, he is actually do the right thing as the oldest brother. He always provide his sister with any sort of supports and make her happy without neglecting us as his own family and putting us as his priority. And somehow, it reflects the way I judge the other gentlemen. I am now strongly believe that a man who is kind to his own family will definitely a kind person to his future other half and family; on top of being a good servant of The Almighty.

However, there are still many accountable men today. It is just that the numbers of those unreliable based on my personal observation have been increasing too. To all parents, lets empower your son and to all gentlemen out there, everyday is always an opportunity to improve; same goes to the ladies. :)
P/S: During this post is drafted, both my parents and my youngest sister were at KL with my father's sister (with her husband and daughter). My father decides to treat his sister with a trip to Kuala Lumpur as his sister never board any planes before. May Allah blessed my father (and my mother) for being a good real example on how a brother shall treat his sister :')
Have a nice day :)

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