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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trip to Sri Lanka (Overview)

Assalamua'laikum wbt and Good Day,

Alhamdulillah, done with my 9th trip and this was the 12th countries I've visited. Singlehood KPI almost achieved! *yeay*

View of Colombo Harbour at dusk.
After visiting Taiwan last December, one thought comes to my mind; if I have visited Chinese majority country, I must visit Indian majority country too! And I started searched about Southern Asean countries.

Knowing myself, I start to search about India but based on few reviews, I can feel India does not suit my characters. However, upon heard from my Quebec's friend who have visited Sri Lanka, I think this country could be the right choice.

I bought the ticket with less than 400 MYR for returns trip from Kuala Lumpur. To be frank, I never know that Malaysians require visa to visit Sri Lanka. Just few months before the trip and upon checking with few websites, it was confirmed that I need to apply for visa prior to arrive at Sri Lanka. 

View of Colombo from the sky prior to landing.
The visa cost me 35 USD. Although I am not that sincere to pay for the cost, I just proceed since the ticket is already bought. In addition, there's a lot of uncertainties and this trip may change my perspective about life right? 

Below is the summary of my 9th trip:

1) Beware of the tuk tuk driver. They may charge you too much for a very short distance. Not all are dishonest, but there is. 

2) The accommodation price in Sri Lanka is very expensive. That is why I opted for AirBnb instead of hotel. Unless you don't mind to pay for 4 stars price with a standard of 1 star, then please proceed.

3) Back to point #1, the charge for every kilometer using tuk tuk should be 40 LKR. However, please expect the price is high for tourist. *I hate this*

4) Halal food is easily available in Sri Lanka with a very reasonable price. I have been to Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Negombo; and Kandy is very expensive. Please expect to pay for Arab Rice price for Chicken Rice.

5) During my visit, 1 MYR is equivalent to 35 LKR.

6) Although the visa cost for kids is 0 USD, we still have to apply. Please check the website on the age range of kids.

7) Communication is easy as most of Sri Lankans can converse in English very well.

On the way to Colombo City from Bandaranaike International Airport.
I will share more on my Sri Lanka trips in next entry; if I still have the courage to write :P

Have a nice day :)



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