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Friday, November 27, 2015

A Letter to Baby Boomers

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Dear Baby Boomers,

I hope this letter won't make you feel offended. This is just an open letter from one of the Gen Ys who've found that dealing with some of your gens are troublesome and making things harder.

We understand that security is your main priority in whatever means. We know that you've undergo many hard things in life and as much as possible you try not to let us fall into that traps. We do value your many years of experience in doing things.

Tusan Cliff, Miri-Bintulu Road
As time goes by, things will slowly change. Something that you've seen as thread before could be an opportunity nowadays. Something that you feel unsafe during your old days could be manageable risks today. The methods that you may think and proved effective few years back may no longer works for us at this moment.

We Gen Ys growing up in a transformation era whereby many new technologies emerge and hence we could know many things just via a simple click at the end of our fingers. Please do not misinterpret as we are still believe in your real experience and capability but we just want to make things as simple as it can be. We don't like to debate on things that face many obstacles just because of bureaucracy. We just want things to be get done as fast as it could be!

We admit that we don't like to have frequent meeting and discussion as we believe there are many newly invented technologies that should be able to shorten the meeting or discussion duration. We don't prefer some of your gens who love to beat around the bush. We are okay to accept negative respond or in a simple word, it is NO, CANNOT, DISAGREE and so on. Just tell us why and we're okay!

We Gen Ys just don't understand why we keep a lengthy procedure when it was proven ineffective. We Gen Ys can't accept why there is Don'ts but when we ask on its significance, your gens can't even give even a simple explanation. We Gen Ys can't even think of why we need to follow your rules when it even make people to become more retarded!

We Gen Ys basically just want you to be able to answer on our WHYs and not just simply because we have to follow the elders. It is so simple right?

One of the Gen Ys

Have a nice day :)


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