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Friday, November 27, 2015

Grow Up

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,
In order to survive, we must try our best to grow up. Growing up not necessarily portrayed by increment in number of age only. It can be in term of becoming more stable in our financial, more calm in any situation, have stronger sense of human, better emotion control and know better when and how to respond.

My about to grow water spinach as of 0700 hours 27th November 2015.

Sometimes, it is only in the situation whereby being strong is the only option that we have that we can grow up well. That is why in Islam, we must have a strong faith that everything happens for reasons. It is just sooner or later that Allah will reveals the hikmah to us.
This morning, after doing some housework, I pay a visit to my small nursery to see the current progress of my mustard and water spinach growth. Alhamdulillah, they are growing well! Last time, when I planted them inside used tyres, they grow well but since it is quite often I forgot to water them, on top of hot and dry climate during that time, the leaves turn yellow. It ends up that I only can eat only few of it, but it is enough for one time cook.
Looking back on the things I've done, it is somehow true that only in desperate situation that we can really unleash our real potential. The only thing that we must always keep in our heart and mind is strong believe and faith that Allah will never leave us, but human will; although the closest person to our heart including our own parents.
Always spare our times for Him, and He will never leave us alone in any situation. A strong connection with the Most Powerful is indeed required in order for us to be a grown up lady or gentleman.
Have a nice day :)

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