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Thursday, November 26, 2015


Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Sometimes, I do feel it is hard to plan for a vacation. But somehow, it is through traveling that I think I have improved myself in many ways.
Istanbul, Turkey
I will be out of country in less than a month time. This time, I choose a non English speaking country after few of my friends have suggested me to try this country. It gonna be winter again this time, but as long as it is not a snowy winter, I believe I am okay. Having past experience when visiting Perth 18 months ago I think may help.
When planning for itinerary, here are few things to be well considered:
1) How long will we be there?
2) How long it takes for us to reach that destination? If it takes us more than 4 hours, we should consider having just a light activities upon reach the destination and start heavier activities on the next day. Do not let our fatigue spoil our moments.
3) The cost: accommodation, transportation, entrance fee, food.
4) Nearby attractions so we can make it a one go trip.
5) Options in the event of sudden closure or unavailability of that particular place.
6) Distance between one place to another.
7) Weather forecast.
After all, do not plan it to be too rigid as we will become too discipline in order to follow the itinerary. Set some flexibility. Remember, this is the time when we want to be the real us without bothering if there is anything to be catched for.
Have a nice day :)

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