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Friday, November 27, 2015

Silent Treatment

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Sometimes, we speak the loudest in silence. It is either we choose to remain silent because we believe that nobody care to listen or we just to tired to tell them the same thing for almost everyday.
But there is some cases whereby we must keep ourselves silent just because the consequences of telling the truth is too bad to be experienced. But after all, telling the truth is a must for everyone who uphold integrity in their life, not necessarily for Muslims only.
What is so magic about silence is it can improve the situation as time goes by. I am not saying that it will be happened for every situation, but most of the situations can get better if we choose to be silent; on top of not hurting anybody using the harsh words and cynical/ sarcastic statements.
Freemantle, Perth (Winter 2014)
Sometimes, being too vocal can exposed our own weaknesses. As much as we do not want others to have bad impression about us, we also have to act accordingly in order to ensure our weaknesses that can be other's weapon in the event of they want to bring us down are being well-managed as well. Being careful by remaining silent can be a very good precaution in this kind of situation.
After all, we should not hide the truth that need us to speak out in case it is extremely needed especially for the benefits of ummah. The truth that sounds bitter is always better than a sweet lie.
Beating around the bush is another thing; and if we want to gain other's trust on us, always learn on ways to keep our points and views sharp and objective. By being straight to the point, we can save our time, avoid speculations, and free our heart from any negative feeling as there is no more thing to be hide; if it is compulsory for us to reveal the real hurt truth.
Have a nice day :)

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