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Friday, November 27, 2015

Trip to Krabi (Overview)

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,
27 November 2013 was marked as my first oversea trip at the age of 24 years and 10 days old. It was never been planned. When I underwent my one year attachment at Kuala Terengganu, my sister suddenly asked if I am OK to follow her to Krabi since returns ticket for two just cost about 375 MYR at that moment. In addition, she offered to pay using her money first and I will pay her later.
Sometimes, unplanned things are better than the planned one. Knowing the fact that it will be our very first oversea trip, we searched extensively on everything there. Plus, we will be heading to Phuket as well for one night before spending the remaining 5 days out of 7 days in Krabi itself.
School in Phuket
We were excited when we saw this at the first time and suddenly our taxi driver told us:
"Why are you so excited? They are doing demonstration."
I made one major mistake. I booked for 4 different hotels during our stay in Krabi and it really make us feel like a total nomads. It made me adore those Bedouins who were used to live in nomads during ancient years considering all the stuffs that have to be brought together during transfer from one place to another.
We ate this pancake for almost every night. There are many similar stalls along the road in Ao Nang.
After all, I cannot be hard to myself as it was my first time experience. The trip runs well with just one scam issue: and it happened during our last day and we almost missed our flight back to Malaysia. We have paid in full a taxi that supposedly sent us to Krabi International Airport but the taxi never come to fetch us as per promised. I remember the liar lady name until today: her name is Apple.
One of the sceneries during our four islands hoping. Subhanallah :)
Luckily my sister's friend got extra Thai Baht that morning, so we just paid him in MYR upon returned to Malaysia as we only left with few Thai Baht on that very last day.
My very first international trip have opened my eyes that there's a lot of kind people in this world and I shall make more efforts to meet more of them, explore the world and experience different culture by myself.
Our very first snorkeling experience.
I shall thanks my sister for the trip as it has broadened my horizon on top of strengthening my belief that this world consists of more good people and only few bad people.
Have a nice day :)

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