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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Being Rich: A Perspective

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

The hikes in living cost nowadays is quite alarming. Somehow, it is coincidentally happened that the numbers of crimes are increasing too; based on my personal reading. And there are few crimes being highligted whereby the reasons of doing the crimes that involved money were due to the need of maintaining living sustainability. And from these cases, it triggered my mind; how human are willing to do anything whenever they are in deep desperation.

Entrance to the Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey
I am so in love with money. However, I am not materialistics. I am very sure about that. If I love money, and I am materialistics, why I always prefer night market items instead of high class and branded ones? Why I prefer to prepare my own meals instead of having it at prestigious restaurants? I can do that, but since I believe in the power of giving and moderation, I always look and learn on opportunities to make more money by not neglecting the syara'.

It was once upon a time when I were listening to Prof. Muhaya talk and I feel that the things she said was incredibly true. 

"We only can give what we have. We definitely cannot give what we do not have."

And this statement is not referring to physical belongings only. It can be love, respect, kindness and everything, you name it! And somehow, it change the way I think. In order to help more needy, I have to own the money. In order to gain respect, I have to respect others too. It is definitely true that what you give, you get back.

Blue Mosque, Sultanahment, Istanbul, Turkey
Based on my personal belief, in order to gain more money, we must first have at least the basic understanding of ways to manage the money that we have in the most prudent ways. How could we can gain more money if when we have less, we cannot manage it well as well? 

That is the main reason why I equipped myself with knowledge on wealth management before I started with wealth creation. And somehow, I still keep on learning these two subjects until today as life always required us to be dynamics and open to changes. 

But since we have limited time to contribute and enjoy our life, we have to master the way to manage our time in the most systematic way first. Do not procrastinate. Keep moving forward although we are still learning. After all, learning is a process. It never dies.

Internal view of the Blue Mosque, Sultanahment, Istanbul, Turkey.
One of the story captured my mind while drafting this post. 

A chicken feels envy to the cow because people love that cow more than chicken since the cow provides them with milk everyday although chicken give whole body to the people once they are slaughtered and becomes meat. And the cow gives a very simple answer to the chicken;

"I contribute to them while I am still alive, 
but you only can serve them once you are gone"

Have a nice day :)


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