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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is Planning Necessary?

Assalamua'laikum wbt and Good Day,
It has been almost two weeks passed by in this another new year. How are we going so far? Not to mention, the price of crude oil keeps on depleting. As of today (when this post is drafted), the price for crude oil Brent falls as low as 25.99 USD per barrel. It really hits us who served the oil and gas players; on top of bad political situations in Malaysia.
While that are the conditions that we are currently living in, we should not limit ourselves from doing more. Being travel for quite frequent within this 3 years somehow has broaden my horizon, and the world actually has so much to offer.
As a Muslim, it is true that we have to leave to Allah to decide the best on the path that we are about to walk. But, Allah never told us to just leave it to Him without any efforts. Yes, Allah will always give the best for us. But somehow, that best thing in life do not come for free and effortless. We still have to plan, strategize and execute the plan; and only the results part we left it to Allah because He knows the best.
Tanah Datar, Bukittinggi, Indonesia
It is somehow reminds me to my journey when I were about to begin back in 2012. When I was graduated in January, I did not want to straight away get any job because I want to learn about other things. I am still quite anxious although it is my choice to be selective on which company that I want to start my career, but somehow, we must have some courage in any thing that we have decided and planned for ourselves. I attended few talks on property investment, took the examination in order to become certified unit trust consultant and became a research assistant to one doctor which has take me to many Bidayuh villages in Sarawak.
Alhamdulillah, I did not see the results immediately but I hold my faith strongly that what I am currently doing at that moment is somehow worthy in future. And only in 2015, I see the results.  The unit trust that I have started investing in 2012 already give me a positive cash flow. I start doing flipping in 2015 as well and it gave me 49% of gain within 23 months!
Surau Nagari, Lubuk Bauk, Batusangkar, Indonesia
On the same year as well, I passed my Accelerated Capability Development with excellent achievement. I am entitled to be promoted to the next higher level. But upon doing the pros and cons analysis, I need to slow down a bit in my career for the next 2 years in order to avoid myself climbing the ladder to fast. Having higher responsibility with a so-so income is something that I am refused to do for myself.
For some, climbing the career ladder faster might be their dream. But to me, to gain a salary of higher level with lower position is my priority. It is depending on your self-believe. Some people quench by position, whereby some prefer to remain low but they have lots of time for themselves. I don't want to trade my precious time with money under employee quadrant. It is very subjective.
Along the road in Batusangkar, Indonesia
After all, planning and have faith with your planning is a must. But, planning without execution is troublesome as well since it won't bring you anywhere.
Have a nice day :)

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