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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trip to Taiwan: Day 2

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

We are still in southern part of Taiwan on the second day. The hotel where we reside do provide free breakfast in spite of its cheap price which is RM 255.29 for two nights. It is quite hard for us to have some insight on the food status, but luckily we met Vincent, a man wearing University of Taipei jacket that can speak English and he is the one who assist us on which food that we can consume and which one is not allowed. He also did communicated with the hotel's so called chief lady on food that we can and can't consume and that lady do help us in choosing the food that we can eat on the next day.

We begin our journey post performing our Dhuhr and Asr prayers. We visited Lotus Pond; a place where Dragon Tiger Pagoda is and have frozen banana coated with melted chocolate there. It costs us about 45 TWD. I also bought two pieces of fridge magnet with a cost of 300 TWD. Personally, I think it is quite expensive as compared to other places that I've been to.
Dragon Tiger Pagoda, Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung
We then proceed to Love River, a beautiful park in Kaohsiung with flowing river prior to visit Pier 2 Art Centre. We ended our second day in Taiwan by visiting Liuhe Night Market, located just within 10 minutes walking distance from our hotel. Overall, our second day's journey doesn't need us to hire any taxi and all places doesn't required any entrance fee.

I would suggest those who planned to visit Taiwan to spend more time in Kaohsiung as this city is very peaceful, relax and slow pace as compared to Taipei. Although only few people are able to communicate in English there, but they are willing to provide the assistance that we need. The public transport is very reliable too.

Just one tip, if you plan to use the public bus, make sure you have small coins as the bus driver won't give you any balance shall you paid them more than the required fee.

Have a nice day:)


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