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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Earning Demarcation

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Time seems to fly so fast nowadays. We are reaching the end of 2015. As far as I concern, the most important target for myself this year is to reach my financial target. Alhamdulillah, it's unlocked :)

I have to say that wealth management is something serious and necessary to be learned as I can see many of my closest acquaintances are being trapped under rat race. Not only acquaintances, my family and relatives are also part of the rat race victims. Why it is so important to really conscious about our own financial?

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My post won't be too academics to discuss on this matter based on professional research. I just want to bring all the readers to reflect back based on our daily observation on the way we are being raised up and taught. We were advised to be excellent in academics, went to the top universities in the world, secured a good job and finally earned a good salary. And all of this will be equaled to happiness!

Do you think that is the right thing to do?

Well, I leave it for you to think. Being traveled across 9 countries without piggy riding any business or company related purposes have changed my view about things that matter the most in our temporary life in this world. Yes, without securing a good pay job, it is quite impossible for me to do this. Securing a good pay job is kind of important nowadays, but working solely for the sake of money is totally a major mistake.

While performing our job as required by the company that hired us, keep on equipping ourselves on wealth management knowledge is ultimately important. If not, regardless how big our salary is, it will never been enough. I would like to thanks all the book authors that I've read on this matter, and I can simplify that one thing we must strive to achieve financially is that we are always at the position whereby we have nothing to loose; in the event of anything happen to our employer or company.

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As a beginning, I would love to share the simple basic to divide our salary but of course, it is depends on you either to put it into practice or not. I always believe that different people will always have different priorities.

1. Minimum 10 % from our net salary (after SOCSO/ EPF/ TAX/ ZAKAT deduction) must go to our own saving. It is highly recommended to utilize any methods or facilities given by our company to do the auto-deduction for our saving.

2. Maximum 40% is for our mortgage. If we are to rent the house, make sure it does not reach 10% of our net salary and hence the remaining 30% goes to our saving. The reason why I put 40% for mortgage is to allow us to maintain our daily lifestyle. After we put so much sweat in gaining the money, of course we do want to spend it as part of self-rewards on top of to pay all the bills right?

3. Minimum 5% must go to distribution. Regardless what religion that you believe in, giving and helping those in needs is basically important. It is a huge liability if we just strive for richer life in this world but never invest for the benefits of our hereafter. Of course if we can distribute more than 5% of our earning, it will be much better. But remember, we must sincere in order to please Allah swt or our Lord :)

4. The remaining 45% is for our life sustainability. It includes the bills, foods, groceries, car maintenance, house maintenance, self-care, takaful or insurance and of course, do not forget our parents :)

After all, all the best in achieving our financial target. Remember, we must strive to put ourselves in a situation whereby we have nothing to loose.

Avoid bed debts, spend some times to equip ourselves with wealth management knowledge and do help the needy. We will never go poor by giving. 

Have a nice day :)


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