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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Sycophants

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,
Sometimes, I do think that the world nowadays is no more safe. I do think that almost everybody can't be trusted. I do think that this world will be ending soon. O Allah, please save us from any harms that may hinder us from entering your Jannah. O Allah, please guide us on every single day.
Everybody seems to be defensive because of no reason. All the big power parties keep on blaming each other. They seem to get afraid not because the other side is already proven guilty, but because they have something that they're afraid to loose.
From my personal perspective, being defensive and telling the truth have one major difference. It is the tones. The way we express it. Our manner when we respond on other's queries. Sometimes, we can easily detect that the person is somehow feel insecure when he or she who supposedly answer on our queries suddenly raise their voice when we just calmly throw our query or question.

War Remnant Museum, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
But, there's one thing to be reflected. Why we must answer in such manner when the other parties calmly ask the questions and just to provide their sincere feedbacks?
When people raise their queries and provide their feedbacks, we must understand that it is for the sake of everyone's goodness. Working in such a big organization, giving sceptical answer like "The boss asked for it, so just do it" by MOST baby boomers and their sycophants is definitely unacceptable. We must understand that our working atmosphere nowadays are mostly occupied by Gen Y and this generation basically need solid justifications.
The culture of easily get offended by many supervisors or superiors in many organizations somehow have contributed to existence of many sycophants or toady or flatterers. These kind of human or so called species know ways to take advantage for the sake of their own benefit by understanding the nature of these denial and defensive superiors or supervisors. Usually, these species of people are those called "Yes Man" type of people but in most of the cases, they are the one who contribute the less in any tasks given. They usually exist during the initial stage and missing in the middle and suddenly come back by the end or when the given tasks are about to complete.

Cho Ben Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I understand that we can manage this kind of superiors by learning more on ways in dealing with so called hard people, but at the same time we should try to improve ourselves as a whole. We as the youngsters should learn more on effective communication with different generations, but those older generations should not be complacent enough by thinking that because they are older, they are always right.
After all, by trying to improve on communication skill as a whole, there is no way that these flatterers or toadies or sycophants will exist. And of course as a Muslim, we must try hard to avoid ourselves from becoming one of these "black sheep" kind of people, because getting the things that we want via any incorrect or non-halal ways will definitely affect the blessings or barakah of our life either in a short or a long run.
In the end, upon leaving this temporary world, blessings and barakah are things that matter the most. We will definitely being judged by Allah swt. based on our deeds while we live in this world.
Have a nice day :)

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