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Friday, December 18, 2015

Trip to Perth & Western Australia (Overview)

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Australia has been one of my dream places to be visited on top of Johannesburg, South Africa. Upon checking Air Asia promotion whereby a return flight ticket with 20 kg of luggage only cost me 1046 MYR for KUL-PER-KUL, I just bought the ticket without any hesitation. Only after that I started to look for a partner because I still do not have any courage to travel alone. Plus, I just few days return from my first trip to Krabi at the moment I bought the ticket. In fact, I did traveled to Manila prior to travel to Perth.

The Gap and Natural Bridge, Albany
This rock was left behind upon Antartica and Australia parted circa 45 million years ago.
The initial duration for my visit at Perth or Western Australia as a whole shall be 11 days. However, few weeks before departure, we were being informed by Air Asia that KUL-PER route on the date we have booked has been cancelled. Hence, they replaced it with the same route flight on the next day. I believed there should be a hikmah on it so I just take it positively. Plus, I have nothing to loose as well.

Since I have 10 days in Western Australia, I do not want to limit my exploration within Perth boundary. Upon google map on everything, we finally agreed on a 360 degree route; Perth - Lancelin - Busselton - Augusta - Albany - Hyden - Perth. Overall, my trip to Western Australia only cost me 4280.83 MYR, including all 4 flight tickets. In fact, I bring back 900 AUD upon return to Malaysia! Can you guess how good I am in budget planning? Hehe~

Penguin Island, Rockingham

The 360 degree journey only commenced on our 5th day in Perth and end on our 8th day. Before and after that days, we just utilized daily rider ticket (can be used on both trains and buses in Perth) that cost us around 11 AUD. But actually, we can use family rider ticket for 3 persons with the same cost. Thanks to one traveler from Kedah who told us about this and after that, we just make full use of family rider ticket. But the disadvantage of this family rider ticket is we cannot be separated with our partner or friends since everybody must present at the same time whenever we are about to show the ticket to security.

Just one tip for anyone who just about to travel for the first time; never put your dream place as the first place to be traveled. Try other cheaper locations first so you dream vacation will be smooth and less distraction :)

Have a nice day :)


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