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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trip to Taiwan: Day 1

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Alhamdulillah, we safely arrived Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 1 as per schedule after 3.5 hours on board from Kota Kinabalu. The weather was fine; just a little turbulence while on board and I believed it happened while we fly across Philippines' air. Thank you Air Asia for the safe flight. We will return back to Kota Kinabalu using Malaysia Airlines.

Fried bird's eggs at Liuhe Night Market.
Delicious, MashaAllah! :)
Taiwanese are good, although they rarely smile at you. In spite of their difficulty in understanding our query in English, we can feel that they are trying their best in assisting us. Whenever my face obviously blur while analyzing their High Speed Rail (HSR) and Multi Ride Train (MRT) route, there will always a Taiwanese asking me where do I want to go.

Ecological District MRT Station, Kaohsiung.
Below are the notes that summarized our first day trip to Taiwan:

1) Arrived at Taoyuan International Airport T1 and went to the Tourism Centre at the arrival floor to activate our Wi-Fi.

2) Take a shuttle bus to HSR station that costs us 30 TWD per person.

3) Take a high speed train to Zuoying from HSR station that costs us 1290 TWD per person.

4) Take MRT from Zuoying to Formosa Boulevard station that costs us 25 TWD per person. We were staying at Centre Hotel; 3 minutes walk from Formosa Boulevard station.

5) Since we arrived  hotel at 4pm and Maghrib prayer is about to commence in 1.25 hours time, we are quite rushing as the room is not yet ready by the time we checked-in. Plus, the communication is very hard as the receptionist can't understand English very well.

6) We planned to visit Liuhe Night Market located less than 10 minutes walk from our hotel after taking few hours nap after we performed Isya' prayer, but it turns out that we only woke up during Fajr prayer on the next day.

Love River Bridge, Kaohsiung.

During this post is drafted, 1 MYR is equivalent to 7.4 TWD.

Have a nice day :)


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