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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Intuitions: How Reliable It Is?

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Whenever I do any online personality test online, the results always portrayed that I am intuitive kind of person. There are few times I did follow my intuitions and thanks Allah, it is for the sake of goodness.

It's happened when I just scrolling down Mudah apps just to search for any good sub-sale prospect when I finally become a friend to one of housing agents. I just told him to notify me whenever there's sub-sale house that meet my budget requirements and yes, he did!

When I first come to check that house, it is such an overwhelming feeling seeing how tidy the house is although in the eyes of others, that kind of house should not be bought by someone like me. And again, I would like to thanks Allah for giving me such awareness to be a totally frugal lady, on top of the hunger to gain more knowledge regarding wealth management and creation for the betterment of ummah.

Deal accepted and agreed. Then I started to calculate my DSR if I didn't let go the house that I've bought as early as during my 11th month of working. It is more than 50%, and it indirectly means that I have to choose either one. After thinking in the pros and cons, I chose to let go my first house as it is quite big as well for someone who haven't think of having her own family yet (at that moment).

Oh, I have came across different story! Forgive me. Back to intuitions thingy, I chose that sub-sale house because my neighbor will be housewives as well! And on top if that, one of my closest neighbors is Mirian too :)

I just figured out that thing after I agreed to buy that house. Alhamdulillah, although both of my neighbors are not yet Muslims, they are as kind and as good as practicing Muslims.

I am one of AirBnb hosts! Feel free to stay with me :)
Open to ladies only. 
I have a worst herpetophobia. I remember there is one night I helplessly called her and she was too worry when hear my voice. But upon knowing that the issue was due to existence of lizard at my wet kitchen, she laughed. But one touching thing about her is she offered me to install a lizard trapper at my house and she will help me to throw the trapped lizards! But, I somehow rejected the offer. Seeing a lizard is total nightmare. I preferred to use preventive spray to solve the issue.

The lesson learnt here is never deny the power of intuitions. Most of the times, our heart didn't lie. Just follow our heart whenever we are in great doubt, but never skip Istikharah prayer. Do make Istikharah Prayer as part of our daily routine.

Have a nice day :)


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  1. Very nice (some, painful) experiences. I would suggest you learn a new language or two if you can. Since you are traveling a lot, why not acquire a new language to help you find more amazing experiences. I am from morocco and I love to travel too.


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