Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Memory: "Walau Genggamannya Kuat...."

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Alhamdulillah,  in less than a week, I will be hitting my 4th year with one of the main players in Oil and Gas industry. And throughout this 4 years, I can't deny the fact that I have learned a lot; and it still have a lot to go!

The most fundamental thing that I have learned throughout these years is most of the times, things will not go as how we wish it could be. But looking back on the journey that I've gone through, it strengthen my inner self but at the same time soften the external side of me; although at the moment I write this post, most of the people would perceive me as a bold lady or in the other words; assertive and firm.

Singapore Zoo, Singapore

But for this post, I would not touch on anything related to my journey with this company. I would rather touched on the journey on how I can be part of this company and it leads to my infinite thankful to Allah swt for revealing the hikmah behind all this.

Walau genggamannya kuat,
Tapi bukan milik kita,
Akan terlerai jua...

I was unofficially graduated from one local university back in January 2012. Being a fast tracked sponsored student, it has become one of my regrets for not having ample leisure time after 13 years of study; from kindergarten until the end of my high school. Adding it up to 5 years of my degree duration, it means that I have been officially study for 18 years throughout  my life!

Hence, I think that I need a little moment of pause; at least.

Just two months before I unofficially graduated, I have passed an interview with one of well-known international oil and gas players. Knowing that I am the only one who passed that stage among my course mates, I think that I should put my best until the final stage. And here comes the story of rezeqi, qada' & qadar, hikmah and destination.

I have fall head over heels towards this company just because I knew that it's hard to pass the stage that I've passed. On top of this, my internship experience while dealing with this company really makes me fall in love with their culture, on top of their charming Chairman during that time.  Oh my goodness!  *HAHA*

I keep on waiting for their invitation to the final stage starting from that moment. During  this waiting period, I have got few interview invitations; ranging from oil and gas companies up to mobile manufacturer company. In fact,  I have declined triples time interview invitation from the company that I am currently working with today! That's how irony it is.

Marina Bay, Singapore

I rejected the offer from that mobile company in spite of being offered to be located at Korea for few months just because I will be bonded to them for few years after. Personally,  I am blessed to be a non bonded scholars to one of major educational sponsors in Malaysia, on top of being able to graduate with just 0.03 points CGPA above the minimum requirement; and hence I am totally free from any debts and any obligation to be bond to any organization. 

During that so called leisure time,  I started to learn on money management; on top of reading quite numbers of investment related books. Thanks Allah for making me as a person who really concern on my time consumption as I will always ensure anything that I do must give me something at the end of the day.

At the same time, I worked as Research Assistant to one of the doctors pursuing her PhD and it gives me wonderful experience while collecting the data regarding post baby delivery complication at rural areas in Sarawak. That experience have brought me to many wonderful Bidayuh villages and somehow broaden my perspective in medical industry.

After five months idling at home, I started to feel the heat. More and more my university batch mates have secured a job. And somehow, my current company called me for interview for the forth time.  Just few hours after the call, the final stage for another company that I've been waiting for so long called me to attend the final stage; and it falls on the same day I shall attend the interview with my current company. 

I still hold on my first option tightly. I rejected the forth interview invitation and prepared thoroughly for the final stage of my main preference. And guess what, just two days after the final stage event, they called me and informed that my application is unsuccessful but the good thing is they did mentioned on the areas that I shall polish my skill in my future undertaking.

And miracle happened.  The company that I currently working with call me to come for interview for the fifth time. And of course, with the broken heart, I just accept it without thinking further. And it's just within a week, I knew I passed the interview. And guess what? Another drama is about to begin. * HAHA*

However, since my focus here is for us to reflect back on blessings that we have, I could not deny the fact that my current company has been destined to be part of my life journey in this world. Looking back down to the memory lane,  I have been taking the offer for granted for many times because I already have my main preference but it ends up that my main option is not the place that I am belongs to, today.

View of Singapore Port from top; flight is about to landing.
Lesson learned?

Have faith. Believe in the power of prayer and rezeqi. Anything or anyone that is destined to be with us will always be with us in the end. Nothing and no one can take it or grab it from us. Same goes to the things or person that we've been longing to have or to be with for such a long time, no matter how much the efforts that we've made, if it was destined not to be ours, it will never been. It's always the matter of either we will get it, it will be put on hold or better things are waiting ^_^

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P/S: That charming Chairman is now in the same company with me. In fact, he joined this company just two months earlier than me! :P

Have a nice day :)