Sunday, July 30, 2017

Post Relocation~

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day~

It has been more than three months I haven't write any complete post. Yes, complete post. A lot of posts still stuck in the draft mode and finally it remains as "pekasam". Maybe it is just not my priority at this moment; since I have three international trip photobooks to be completed and two domestic trips. Go go Zaza~~~

I have been working at new location since 25th May, just five days before I departed to perform my umrah this year. It was a mind torturing event in my life but as time goes by, the hikmah starts to reveal by itself and it is so true that Allah knows best. It doesn't mean that I don't believe that Allah knows best before but what I want to emphasize here is as time goes by, the reason or in Islam we called it as hikmah starts to reveal the beauty behind every single thing happen in our life. Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah. May this hijrah is a blessed one for me and my religion. :)

The house that I owned in my previous location is fully taken care by my neighbor. For the rental matters, I hired an agent to in-charge of it. Just like my previous experience when I sold my first home, this one also I passed to the agent because I valued my thinking time more than managing those small yet complex matters. Thanks to all the properties related books that I have read, it really taught me the art of prioritization. ^_^

La Alhambra, Granada, Spain

July has been exciting for me as I discovered the best time and place for recreation in my new location. I also have been invited by my previous high-school teacher to deliver a motivational talk to the students; and also an unplanned trip to Johor recently have open up my eyes that everyone is actually blessed in their own way and it strengthen my belief that Allah swt is indeed The Richest! Alhamdulillah.

During the motivational talk that I've delivered, I did emphasized on the following things; which I believe it has made me for who I am today. 

1. We should understand the reason why we are born to this world especially the Muslims. By quoting  Chapter 51 (Surah Adh-Dhariyat) verse 56 of Qur'an; I explained to them that academics is secondary if to compare with the real reason of Allah created us which is to serve Him. Hence, our attitude & ethics to our Lord is extremely important.

2. Begin with end in mind. As life is temporary, that is the ultimate reason to do the best in everything we do; including academics. Never be satisfied of being a mediocre.

3. We shall design our life and starts to envisage where our life will be heading in more years to come. Yes, everything is destines by the Lord but if we know where we want to be in future, we can always pray and starts crafting & executing the efforts to reach towards our desire end target. Allah will definitely help us in many ways that amaze us.

4. Establish our own self value and principle is crucial as the value that we want to associate with us will reflect us in many ways. The way others perceive us is quite important; but the way we perceive ourselves is most important.

Interior of Masjid An-Nabawi, Madinah Al Munawwarah

5. Selecting the person we want to include in our close circle is another way to make sure we success in our life. Always make peace with anyone; but choose only few that can accept our value and principle into our life as we are just like the five persons we always associated ourselves with. So choose wisely.

6. Health is wealth. While managing our wealth is necessary as we grow up, taking care of our health holistically; physical, mental & emotion is also paramount & it should start since young age. And I did shared the example of bully cases that happened quite frequent recently and of course the story of mine is included. HAHAHA

7. Living within our means needs skills and knowledge. The way we manage our financial can impact our value as someone in huge debts can easily trapped in integrity issue; when the desperate time to pay back the debt is come.

8. Managing our time wisely is one of the most crucial skills throughout our life. All successful people have outstanding excellence in this skill and that is why they know very well on things to be prioritized. They end up spending their productive time in thing that matters the most.

9. Be kind, generous & grateful. These three habits are equally important.

Bukittingi, Indonesia

The reason lies behind that is because based on my observation, those graduated from so-called selected high-school like mine having no issue to success in term of academic and career, but somehow the attitude and habits are the factors that differentiate our altitude. 

May Allah gave me more blessings in term of free time so I can contribute more to my community & also to become a living proof that a person who keeps upholding the religion and shariah can actually success in any field they desire because with Allah, everything is always possible :)

Have a nice day. Wassalam~