Saturday, March 18, 2017

Unexpected Drive Factor~

Assalamua'laikum wbt & good day,

Huh! I am just done with 500 words essay for my next project. I do not know what is the exact feeling that I am having now; but I can't avoid from being so satisfied since I have been longing to get out from the current comfort zone and try something new instead. After all, I just have to pray & wait patiently for the results as I believe that Allah will make it easier for me if it is indeed the best thing for me. 

I have been listening to Oprah's talk show in these few days. And somehow, one important thing that I can take as important guide for me to maneuver my life towards more years to come is the person who is fully responsible for me is definitely myself! Such an eye and heart opener!

This year has been quite challenging in spite of it's just entering the last month of the first quarter. The story that I will share may be quite cliche but I believe it may be beneficial in some part.

Singapore Zoo, Singapore

I remembered one day when I just sit down silently upon back from office and I feel that everything is so easy and I already feel too much complacent and do not have any desire or enough burner to strive for more. I did chatted with one of my colleagues and I remembered that I've told him that you tend to be comfortable on where you are now because you never work under an extreme superior that become your force factor in order to get yourself out from your comfort zone. And I could say that I am regret to say that because not many days after, something had happened between me and my superior and that thing change the way I react.

Looking back on the thing that happened, I have become a stronger believer of Qada' and Qadar. That situation taught me that Allah is indeed a great listener and He knows the right way to bring us higher. It open up more opportunities for me to be a better person, on top of driving me to strive for more.

Helicopter view from Miri to Bario, Malaysia

What had happened actually?

1. I have been delaying the effort in updating my resume and that situation had become the push factor for me to complete my resume update and amazingly, I can complete it in less than a week and submit it to two expert CV reviewers. I doubt that I can progress so fast if there's nothing happen between me and my superior.

2. I learn to be more assertive instead of being too emotional. And I can conclude that being assertive is definitely tiring as we have to exert more energy to balance our emotion. And somehow, I get the results and conclusion that I want between me and my superior more effectively by being more assertive rather than emotional! More than that, we achieved mutual agreement to not cross the border of each other "high-high" alarm and be more open in managing expectations.

3. I get the thing that I have been longing to try since long time ago done! Now I start to believe in one of Neelofa's tips to be more productive; by channeling the anger that we have into something that can benefit us. And it is indeed true that the idea during the state of anger is flowing continuously whereby I can complete drafting the essay needed for that special project in less than 30 minutes. And tonight, it takes me less than 2 hours to complete the full write-up! Yeay!! :)

Grand Baie, Mauritius

What is actually the lesson learned here?

1. Knowing ourselves by fully utilizing our strengths and acknowledge our weaknesses is extremely important. By knowing this, we can start charting the life that we really want and put it into an actionable items properly.

2. Understanding the nuances between being assertive and emotional is crucial. Most of the times, ladies tend to be emotional rather than assertive. Assertive is the ability to convey the real facts and being rational when the stake is high.

3. Allah knows us the best. Like my case, He knows that I am in dire need of external push factor to kick me to start moving and somehow, He gave me that straight away.

4. I think people tend to concern more on those who goes to violence side in any conflict and tend to overlook on those who tend to go for silence. Generally, the extreme end for any conflict situation will either lead a personnel to turn silent or violent.  Somehow, people forget that those who opt for silence end may bring more harm than those who goes for violence. 

Have a nice day. Wassalam~