Monday, April 27, 2020

MCO Aide-Memoire 2: Habit - Build Hard, Die Harder~

Assalamua'laikum wbt. & good day,

Today is another day of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia. My working schedule is a bit hectic lately due to numbers of online meeting and discussion that I need to attend. Being in a new department, trying to find the solid ground for me to play is not an easy task; especially when I just virtually report to my new superior and engaging with my fellow colleagues through digital means. Somehow, the real human interaction is still essential but at current moment, adapting to this new norm is a must.

My routine had been quite stable and established after 10 days of this MCO since it was commenced on 18 March 2020. Wake up in the morning, perform Fajr prayer, recite Al Quran, prepare for the breakfast (however, the sequence of these three routine had changed since Ramadhan), tethering my phone to my laptop to download all the emails, disconnect these two gadget to avoid internet data wastage, scrutinize every single email (one of my strength is I read every single information that I have as I believe information is a king), taking note on important information, prepare for reply if needed and wait for my Cash On Delivery (COD) food to arrive for lunch/ ifthar. I decided to buy at least one food from small entrepreneur each day as part of performing my responsibility in running the economy during this unprecedented time. In the end, I believe each of us in this world has at least a mouth to feed, and buying from this small entrepreneur is part of our responsibility in distributing our wealth as well as sharing our provisions.

Putrajaya, Malaysia

Like it or not, this MCO provides us ample time to shape our habit which eventually will lead us to somewhere in a long run. Failure in managing our time and taking the right action to shape the new norms for ourselves may lead to fatal consequences not only to our health, but as well as to our career and well-being. In spite I dislike to do skipping and HIIT exercise, I still motivating myself to do it on every single day because I realized that consistency is always the key in maintaining a good health; on top of selecting the right meals for our own consumption. However, I am also afraid that this MCO may increase my level of particularity as I do vacuum my whole house for almost every single day because seeing even a single hair drop can lead to unnecessary stress to me. I do hope that my level of flexibility will also increase as sticking to one rule sometimes may not work very well in any situations.

This MCO is also another means to test our level of integrity as we are staying inside our own comfort zone; except those who are currently battling with domestic abuse at home. We were actually tested by God in a very subtle way at this moment; as most of us are currently working from home. Not only that, this MCO provides huge opportunity for those who wish to start their own business by having COD’s service of their product and the customer definitely not be able to watch on way they prepared the items. In both situations, the only lifeline that both superior and subordinate as well as the seller and buyer have is TRUST. Trust that both parties will perform or deliver the outcomes or services expected from them excellently. This really reminds me to one excerpt from the book that I currently read, “Strategies of Prophet Muhammad” by Omar Khayyam Sheikh in which he wrote under the chapter of Personality Strength, “Truthfulness and trustworthiness can be considered the minimum foundations of a truly great personality”. Let us sit and reflect, do we have these qualities in us?

Tioman Island, Johor, Malaysia.

Many of us may not have any idea on how long this situation will prolong. Conforming to the decision and direction made by the government is the only choice that we have; in this case, to just staying at home. Staying at home for few days could be easy for some of us, but it also could be a mentally and emotionally challenging for some. The social media is also full with many hoity-toity, and some of the issues are just like a hotchpotch; which in reality do not deserve our time and attention. As a human who had been blessed with brain and heart to assess the nitty-gritty of those, we have to make the right choice while peacefully walk through this humdrum. Let us face this together. KITA MESTI MENANG. We must win :) 

 Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam~

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