Wednesday, October 19, 2016

So It Won't Be Too Late

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Upon back from my 10th trip to Morocco, Spain & Portugal last month, it is undeniable that I am too occupied. In spite of this hectic life, I am still thankful because I am a true believer that too much free times do kills people. After all, I did not entertained any work related matters during the whole 18 days of leave. Yes, a true work life balance indeed; DURING THAT MOMENT. 


It's just 28 days I start working after that trip and have traveled twice for business purpose. And honestly, I just update on my movement via our family Whatsapp group. Yeah, I think that's the pros side of having advance technology nowadays; at least our parents can be updated about our movement.

But tonight it's a little bit touching. I'm not that too close with my dad as I am closer to my mom. I mean, the closeness between me and my mom is up to the level I can tell my mom; "Mom, you should have clearer vision and mission on how your career will be!" 

And my mom would answer;

"I don't want to be too ambitious like you and after that telling people that you got headache."

Kaotubia Mosque, Marrakech

And since I came back from my hometown 17 days ago, I have not call my dad even once. And suddenly he called me tonight, mentioning how bored his life was in the place he works. 

Being a man, it's not an easy for him to share his personal thought especially with his firm eldest daughter but somehow, I am quite surprised that he done it!

Maybe I am still under the influence of Suri Hati Mr Pilot drama series; the scene between Warda and her Walid and not long after that Walid is leaving Warda permanently. I suddenly said "Take care daddy, I love you." at the end of our conversation.

And I startled when my dad replied; "OK, I love you too."


El Retiro Parque, Madrid

Yes, before it's too late, say I love you to the person that  sacrificed and means a lot for you. Nothing is permanent in this world. 

Being a typical Malay, we always keep this phrase to our heart; even in some cases, it was never been said at all.

And my conversation with my dad tonight reminds me to one of the Nasheed song by UNIC; Lafaz Yang Tersimpan.

"Mengapakah sukar menyusun bicara
Meluahkan rasa menuturkan sayang
Kasih yang terlimpah hanyalah sekadar tingkah

Cumalah ungkapan bisu kalimah rahsia

Tiada lagi ertinya pengucapan
Andai akhir nafas di hujung helaan
Sebelum mata rapat terpejam
Usah biar kehilangan
Menggantikan lafaz yang tersimpan"

Have a nice day. Wassalam~