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Monday, September 2, 2019

Chapter 22: Pontianak & Singkawang, Indonesia

Assalamua'laikum wbt. & good day,

Hi! I am writing again after a long hiatus, probably because I am not used to take the flight back to this place at this time, since I usually take the evening flight that will touch down during sunset. The fare difference was quite huge since today is a public holiday replacement day. But then, this could be the best decision as well since I will be away again tomorrow for another business trip, so at least I have some time to pack for my stuff.

Life is quite good at this moment, with more and more people come into my life as well as go away from it. I have no more concern on this as I realized the fact that some people are meant to be part of the chapter of my life, and we can choose to remember the moments as sweet memories or lessons to be learnt. 

I just completed my #chapter22 of my abroad vacation, after #chapter21 during last year's Christmas. Going to the age of thirty years old this year, I choose not to do a very thorough planning and just to be flexible in spite of the fact that I may fail to achieve my target of been to 30 countries by age of 30. At this point of time, I have been to 26 countries and based on current leaves available, it is quite impossible for me to take even any short break in order to enable me to hit at least 27 countries. Nevertheless, the target is set by me and hence, I should forgive myself for unable to meet it. Life is still a long way to go, InshaAllah.

View along Kapuas River, Pontianak.
I went to Pontianak via Air Asia's direct flight from Kuching. It tooks me 45 minutes to arrive Supadio International Airport. The weather is quite hot as my nose was bleeding and that is the reason why my first day in PNK was mainly resting in my room and tour around Tanjungpura University at night. The temperature was around 33-35 degree C and I think Borneo soon will have its own summer too! 

I toured around Pontianak City on the second day by visiting Tugu Khatulistiwa, Aloe Vera Centre, Rumah Radakng, Tugu Digulis and Taman Arboretum Sylba Untan using both Grab and by walk. If you ask my honest opinion, the place is so average but at least I can indirectly learn about PNK through these places and from the people that I met. I paid 15000 IDR for Kapuas River Cruise (not that standard cruise like the one that I took while in Kotor or Bhosporus Strait) during sunset and Subhanallah, it was one of the best decisions that I took for this trip! The view was majestic and I managed to make one friend who is also love to travel and capturing moments.

Tugu Khatulistiwa/ Equator Monument, Pontianak

It took me 3 hours by car to Singkawang on the next day. I made the deal with one of the Grab drivers that I ride on previous day. Although the journey is quite long, the view along the journey was all villages and local houses. I passed by Mempawah and Tanjung Pinyuh on my way to Singkawang and tried the signature bakso at Singkawang for late lunch. The overall journey inclusive all the pit stops at some of the attractions such as Rindu Alam Peak, Singka Zoo, Tanjung Bajau Resort & Pasir Panjang Beach was almost 11 hours. It was quite exhaustive as the road was all single lane and it is quite challenging for the driver to over take. 

Tanjung Bajau Beach, Singkawang

This 4 days 3 nights short vacation to PNK is quite meaningful for me as I realized and becoming more convinced that managing a big countries with thousands islands is very challenging. The Singka Zoo for example, is quite a good place but due to low visitors and high maintaining cost, the place is so disorganize but luckily the fantastic view at Rindu Alam Peak cured my disappointment. Just like Kampung Terih in Batam, this place is manage personally without any assistance from their government. Personally,  I would suggest Taman Safari Bogor if you want to visit place of nature for its visitor friendliness among provinces of Indonesia that I have been to - Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Padang, Bukittinggi, Batam and PNK. 

After all, I am focusing more on exploring local this year after I realized that it is quite impossible to achieve my dream of been to 30 countries by 30 years old. :(

Where to next? :P

Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Keeping What's Matter

Assalamua’laikum wbt & good day,

Hola! Finally another round of Ramadhan is here and today we are on the 7th day! It feels surreal that two years had passed since my Umrah during the same holy month. I feel so blessed that I can spend both days of my weekend this time at home as I have been traveling for past few weeks for both business and personal trips. The feeling of staying at home peacefully while reading my favourite genre on my comfy bed without looking at the clock as nothing to be rushed for is ultimately a golden moment that hardly found in today’s hustle-bustle.

I am so happy that I had hit my 6th book yesterday in spite the progress of my reading this year is much slower as compared to previous years. However, since my mission for this year is to take things easy and keep asking myself “how worst it can be” whenever my anxiety attack arise, I feel calmer and more relax in overcoming any shortcomings. The sabbatical that I had took few months ago had exposed me to many things and in the end, I realized that I am just too competitive. HAHA :D

Bucharest, Romania.

My addiction towards TED Talks had started again and this year the topic that I always focus on revolved around self-esteem and relationship. I realized that I have a lot of areas that need to be improved on both of these aspects, but at the same time I need to find an ideal balance between leaving those wasting my time and keeping those worth my time. In the end, time is something very important to me and I have no compromise about it. To those who had willingly spare their time all this while for me, I would like to thanks you from the bottom of my heart. <3

Talking about time, I had discovered one significant relationship between time and health. It was during my weight loss journey that had discovered this, and I still keep doing this until today as it has been proven to work very well with me. The time that we spend to exercise or doing any physical activities before we fall sick is very crucial as we will spend more time to heal if we do not spare some of our time to get active before anything happen to our health. As such, it has become my habit to set aside at least 15 minutes a day to do any physical activities including during fasting month. The benefit that I have got the most from this was the frequency of getting flu had significantly reduced and my rationale is getting better.

I also had started to be very interested in de-cluttering. My kind of de-cluttering is not only in term of materials that I hoard, but also in term of people that I keep and social media that I still use. Like it or not, the moment I stop having Twitter in my phone, my life had become so light and I had more free time to think and plan for things that are more significant towards my personal advancement, be it in financial, “real social”, career and health. I would like to thanks Marie Kondo for introducing the mantra of “only keep the things or people that sparks joy in your life”. 

View from Barelang Bridge, Batam, Indonesia.

To those who are about to kick start their de-cluttering journey, I would suggest you take time to observe the followings prior to decide on what to be eliminated:
  • What is your goal? (short, medium, long)
  • What makes you happy?
  • What are the things/ who helps you to achieve your goal?
  • What/ who helps you in making good decision?
  • How long the materials had stagnant without being used? (the longer it stay stagnant, the higher probability it will need to be removed)

Once all the above questions had been consciously answered, you may start your de-cluttering journey. Less is more is definitely correct! By doing this, I have more time and money to spend on things which mostly in term of experiences that makes me feel good and creating long lasting memories! Thank you Allah for this ilham :)

Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam~

Friday, April 12, 2019

Move On: Who Says It's Easy?

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

It has been a while I have not post anything on my blog since my last post during my 29th birthday. 

Welcome 2019! 

Although one quarter had passed, my sabbatical journey had ended and I am now back to my old routine since six week ago! HAHA :)

I remembered the indescribable feeling the moment I touched down this town; exactly 4 months after I left. I had never pay any visit to this place throughout my sabbatical journey and I cannot deny the fact that I am so impressed with the changes around me. Somehow, the development had been quite rampant as compared to the day I left, but more than that, I started to love and appreciate this town so much although I enjoyed my sabbatical journey a lot.

My first day back to work was a bit messy as there was an issue with my laptop to connect with the official domain due to system mistrust since I had been absence for more than three months. My superior was away for business trip that day and there was a scheduled monthly meeting with all leadership team. I attended the meeting quite late as I need to wait for my laptop to be configured by the ICT team.

Perlis, Malaysia.

I bet most people who close to me know the main reason behind my decision of taking fourteen weeks of career break. It was due to my inability to let go of my frustration on previous year's performance appraisal outcome; and I have to be honest that until today, it still break my heart. I personally think that I already move on after taking such a long break but somehow, I realized that I am not fully move on the moment I accidentally met the decision maker for that appraisal results during a short break of that scheduled monthly meeting, I cried again for the whole night. It was such an irony moment as I was so eager to return back to work maybe due to my declining reserve (read as cash), but during my very first day of return to work, my heart broke again. 

I thought it was just an incident and it could be due to I am still in shock that Allah tested me in such a way. Therefore, I still continue to act like usual and few weeks later, I am assigned to an almost similar assignment that really tested my emotional strength which is one of the main causes of my trauma which led to that inability to move on like I mentioned before. 

One day, I received an email from AA; an email subscription where I subscribed on "tazkirah", life reflection, tips and motivations which is wrote by a Singaporean lady who is now living in Morocco. The content was in general sounds more or less like "There is nothing happened to us without Allah's knowing and all things happened to us are basically allowed to happen by Him"; based on my best understanding. I started to realized that the previous incident which led me to take the sabbatical was actually one of His plans. The decision maker of that performance appraisal was just a mean; or in Arabic term it is called "asbab". I started to reflect back on my life journey and somehow that email slowly put my heart back at ease. 

When I looked back, if it was not because of that incident, I may not have the courage and determination to start re-focus on myself and my health. I was putting all my efforts and focus to get my ideal weight and I am so determined to reach that goal. Alhamdulillah, I managed to reduce 18kg since then. I may not seriously wrote an essay which somehow made me selected to become one of the Perdana Fellows to Chief Secretary to The Government; which from that program I was able to get first hand experience in managing this country, increase my knowledge in overall economics & public policy on top of establishing good networking with the top guns. I may not achieve my aspiration of being in all states and federal territories of Malaysia by age of 30 if I did not decided to take my career break. Most importantly, I may still not feel contented and grateful for being part of one of the top contributors to Malaysia's income in spite it was the place where I am emotionally tested and reached my breaking point. I started to acknowledge that the setback which really sickened my heart had somehow taught me to be stronger; not only emotionally but also spiritually as well as to understand the fact that when things go wrong, there must be a lesson to be learned and life is always "there is a bless in disguise". (I literally cry the moment I wrote this because I really mean it!)

Whenever I met some of my colleagues during prayer at prayer room and they asked me about my career break, I always told them that never take the break whenever you had a bad superior. I am personally so bless that I have a very supportive superior who really understand my situation, continuously motivating me in spite he knows that I am still emotionally not fully recover and at the same time keep pushing me to push my limit in order to unlock my potential. He is a real reflection that a true leader may not someone embracing the same faith and having the same race as me, but the one who is objective and keep heightened others up. 

On personal aspect, in spite I had loss four months of my salary due to that unpaid career break, I had learned that money is not everything but still one of the crucial foundation to make a comfortable living. I also learned that when it comes to relationship, the "spark" is sometimes unable to be ignited in spite by physical criteria, all the factors been set had been met. Kindness always won over right, and creating the right perception is always important in spite of in reality, things being done are maybe not right. 

"And I will bear more troubles well
Because this road has led through hell
Resurfacing in brighter days
I slowly learn to change my ways"
(Chellie Campbell)

My planning also had turned much more flexible, as I have not plan for any trip yet due to many uncertainties. But somehow, I cannot deny the fact that my anxiety about future is getting more manageable as I started to realize and strongly instill into my mind that while fail to plan is plan to fail, but while we plan, Allah also plan and His plan is always the best. Striking the balance in putting the effort to plan and being "redha" with the outcome may be hard, but as time and maturity goes up, the hurdles and challenges that we face along the way will definitely help us to maneuver ourselves towards the right path. We just have to reflect, think and believe.

Jerai Hill, Kedah, Malaysia.

Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam~