Monday, March 21, 2016

A Necessary Rambling

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

As time goes by, I have realized more that blood is always thicker than water. It is no deniable that there are few cases that water is thicker than blood, but based on my personal experience, it is always otherwise. Regardless how the relationship has become thinner due to some issues, it is always return back thicker after some times.
This post is based on my personal view and observation. I have seen the way most of the parents raising up their kids somehow have made the ladies become more reliable as compared to the gentlemen. We, ladies are trained to be more independent, strong, reliable and lots more. You named it. It is quite a sad fact that most of our gentlemen nowadays have become less dependable as compared to past years.
Swan River, Perth, Australia
This fact may sound feminist in the eyes of some people. But as I said, it is truly based on my personal view and observation. Sadly, it do happen to some of my close relatives that the sons are less reliable as compared to the daughters. It's somehow triggered my mind; is it due to our education system?
From my observation and experience, our education system is on the pro side for those who are fall under visual type of learner. And hence, it has become a con side for those who are audiometry and kinesthetic; and I strongly believe most of the boys fall under this type of learner.
Living in the country whereby academics background and number of A's somehow can impact the future has make this thing becomes worst. Some of the ladies are being advised by the older generations to not become selective in choosing their other better half in order to avoid being single until late age. But luckily, not all ladies are buy-in into this kind of stereotype of thinking, including me. :)
Kings Park, Perth, Australia
Taking my own father as example, he has become a reliable brother to all his brothers and his only sister. Although there are some moments whereby I think that he supposedly not treat his sister who is already married with so-called some kind of luxury, but when I rethink back during my rationale state of emotion, he is actually do the right thing as the oldest brother. He always provide his sister with any sort of supports and make her happy without neglecting us as his own family and putting us as his priority. And somehow, it reflects the way I judge the other gentlemen. I am now strongly believe that a man who is kind to his own family will definitely a kind person to his future other half and family; on top of being a good servant of The Almighty.

However, there are still many accountable men today. It is just that the numbers of those unreliable based on my personal observation have been increasing too. To all parents, lets empower your son and to all gentlemen out there, everyday is always an opportunity to improve; same goes to the ladies. :)
P/S: During this post is drafted, both my parents and my youngest sister were at KL with my father's sister (with her husband and daughter). My father decides to treat his sister with a trip to Kuala Lumpur as his sister never board any planes before. May Allah blessed my father (and my mother) for being a good real example on how a brother shall treat his sister :')
Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Take Charge of Our Bucket :)

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

How Full is Your Bucket is definitely a must read book for everyone!
*I do not received any commission for promoting this book anyway* =)
Along the road in Bukittinggi, Indonesia
The moment I saw this book at one of MPH stores last year, I just simply grabbed and paid for it. And that was the first book that I straight away read  upon purchased although there are still a lot of books queuing for turn to be read by me :P 
Sometimes, the only thing that we have to change inside us is the way we view and perceive everything that happening around us. Having a strong faith that everything happens for reasons is a must for us, especially for a Muslim who must uphold the sixth Pillars of Iman which is The Belief in Al-Qadar.
Istana Pagaruyung, Padang, Indonesia
One of the most interesting facts that I figured out from that book is;
For every one negative bucket, we need to neutralize it with  five positive buckets.
And that fact is somehow surprising and makes me realized that how much we have waste our life for responding excessively to all negativities that surround us.
It is good to be ignorance; especially on things and matters that have less impact to us and just make us feel emotional without any reasons. That is why ignorance sometimes is a bless.
However, there is still a need for us to react on any negative things that may have huge impacts to us; but be mindful to react in a very positive manner.
Danau Singkarak, Padang, Indonesia
It's because the tones and manners that matter the most; more than the wisdom message that we are trying to convey.
And in order to remain positive al the times (although it sounds too ambitious), we have to avoid seeing and hearing the negative things from negative people.
Remember, positivity always begin with ourselves =)
Have a nice day :)

Searching for Real Passion

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,
In life, there'll come one day when we finally realize that we are not living in the life that we desire. We realize that most of the things we do is out of our passion.
We keep on doing the same thing everyday. Again and again. Until we reach one level when we suddenly realize that "this is not what I wish", and  "this is not the life that I want".
Somehow, we might think that everything has been too late. But actually life has so much to offer. Yes, we may begin doing something that we are passionate about in a quite old age. After all, it is always better late than never.

Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Looking back on the old days, I was hoping that I will become a teacher when I grow up. But as time goes by, I find that being a teacher is not really interest me as my own mother is also a teacher. I realized that being involved with many people for quite long time may cause me severe headache; although there is a moment where I need to reach some people to have some deep talk. *that's how ambivert I am*
Then, I started fall in love with doctor because I like and score well in my Biology. And Alhamdulillah, during my last year of high school, there is an event called International Conference of Medicine at Putrajaya International Conference Centre and all MRSMs need to send their Top 10 students for that conference. And somehow, the reality of doctor's life does not impressed me at all. I rethink back on my real passion after that conference. And for your info, only two out of ten of us who went to that conference choose to be a doctor today. *such a waste of investment* :P
Only when few of us were selected to fill in Skim Pelajar Cemerlang (SPC) application form upon our SPM trial results were released that I think that I want to become an engineer. During that time, I never know that engineering course actually need us to have a strong foundation in Additional Mathematics; one of the subjects that I am not interested in. And finally, I enrolled myself in Chemical Engineering course at one of the local universities under this scheme.

In front of Manila Post Office Building, Philippines
The story of my so-called passion haywire doesn't end there. Upon secured myself by getting an employment at one of oil and gas main players and sit for technical post for 2.5 years, I think that engineering is not my passion. In addition, I want to get myself out from my current section on that time since that section needs to relocate to other city of Sarawak. I transferred to other department since then. And it was the worst decision that I ever made since that department really bring out the worst of me instead of getting out the best in me.
And today, I still searching for my other passions other than in investment and financial related matters.
Sometimes, I wish that I just sitting on my sofa and monitor the stocks daily trending.
Sometimes, I wish that I can travel around the world and keep on leaving at different countries each month and read my favourite books.
Sometimes, I wish I can be promoted faster and take charge in business and strategic planning for my current company.
Sometimes, I wish I have ample time and keep inspires to write and publish my own books.
Sometimes, I wish I am an excellent investor like Warren Buffet.

Sometimes, I wish I am an expert baker, owning my own exclusive bakery.
And sometimes, I do wish that I am an intelligent housewife, excellent mommy and supportive wife to a husband.

Chinatown Walk, Manila, Philippines
And today, I realized that having my own internal conflict is the hardest conflict among all.
Allah, guide me every single day. And all of the readers. :')
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tips: Selecting Accommodation

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

It's been a while I haven't drafted any post within a week. Whenever I feel blurr on what to write, I know that it's time to read more. In fact, it is so true at least to myself; you will not be able to give what you does not have. In this case, it could be an idea, new vocabulary and anything that may inspire me to write.

One of the books on my bookshelf captured my eyes when I just look into all the books collection that I have. I have completed read this book more than a year back; when I underwent my intensive one year induction program at Kuala Terengganu. Somehow, my instinct told me to reread this book.

"Cinta di Rumah Hasan Al Banna" 

A book with beautiful contents whereby it shows me how a busy man can be such a good husband, wonderful father and loyal friend to his wife and kids. This book shows me that if we really plan our time wisely, we actually can do more for the sake of better ummah and better world. 
Krabi, Thailand
As on the day this post was drafted, I will be travel again in a month time to one country in South East Asia. Actually, when I first plan on my travel for this year, this country never crossed my mind; but considering that there is a direct flight from the city where I am currently reside to this country, I just proceed. 

Yes, sometimes, in order to travel, we just have to buy the flight ticket first; as long as the price is within our budget. Waiting for cheapest price is somehow ridiculous as we never know how much the flight price can go down. 

Since I have started touch about my travel, let me share few tips on ways to book our accommodation when we travel especially when we travel abroad.

 Krabi, Thailand

1. Sign up for membership in our preferred booking website. Who knows we might collect the points based on our booking and we can redeem the points later?

2. Check for the price and any special terms. When I was in Manila, the hotel where I reside strictly not allowed more than 2 adults in a room and they did check the passport one by one.

3. Check the distance of the hotel from train station (if that place got LRT/ MRT). This would ease the movement later as we do not have to fully rely on bus or cab.

4. Do check previous travelers review on that hotel and do not rely on one website. We have many options nowadays; Agoda, Booking, TripAdvisor, etc.

After all, although I always travel on tight budget, I still concern on my comfort especially on accommodation :)

Somehow, we still can stay in a comfy place if we do a thorough selection and planning prior to travel.

Have a nice day :)