Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hola, 27!

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Hola, 27th me! :) 

Alhamdulillah, it marks another increment in number. Hopefully, it also signify the wiser, more mature and calmer me. *HAHA*

I do not know why, everyone seems so excited when it comes to their birth date. But if we look deeper into the meaning of getting older; it also means that we are closer to death and we have lesser time left in this world before we enter another stage of life. As a Muslim, we definitely have to believe in the existence of the hereafter and we should take advantage of the remaining time to do more and more kindness that can be the most significant and beneficial investment in our next journey. 

27; and towards the 5th year of my journey as a career lady. *GRIN*

Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain
I thanks Allah for giving me the insight and awareness to be a financially literate lady. 

I thanks Allah for allowing me to have a strong support system; my family and my friends.

I thanks Allah for the gift of continuous strength; despite of the hurdle and heartache experiences throughout my life.

I thanks Allah for everything; because that everything shaped me for who I am today!

It's maybe quite cliche; but I think it is no harm to share the most 10 significant life lessons that I feel quite remarkable.

1. In anything that we do and intend to do, our BIG WHYS must be strong enough. This BIG WHY will enable us to face anything that comes along our way; regardless how strong it hits us.

2. It is definitely OKAY to be alone; sit alone, eat alone and travel alone. Trust me, the moment we do things alone will allow us to give the most honest and neutral feedback and insight to ourselves. Enjoy the alone time wisely! 

3. We are definitely what we read and what we choose to watch. Hence, choose wisely anything that we want to feed in into our mind and soul.

4. Being financially literate is not an additional skill. It is one of the most essential skills that everyone must equip themselves with. It is not how big the amount that we can save at the end of the day; but it is about how persistent are we in implementing the habit that will contribute to our financial success.

Riyadh Kenzo, Marrakech, Morocco

5. Choose our circle wisely and be selective. At the end of the day, it is quality that matters over quantity!

6. Busy is just a reason. If people told you that they are busy and got something else; it means that you are definitely not their priority. Hence, make them an option as well; but trust your instinct. Instinct never lie :)

7. The one who really good in their religion will always uphold integrity in their daily life. Our attitude is an indirect reflection on how deep we have submitted our soul to the Lord. Attitude and true understanding in religion always walk hand in hand. If one is missing, it means that we have to learn and try to understand more.

8. Happiness is not happy. Happiness is an indescribable feeling whereby you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilling. And it does nothing with happy, laugh, tears and free. And it has no correlation with the amount of belongings that we have. 

9. Observation is not always for us to judge people. It is the cheapest medium of learning that we can freely choose the people that WE WANT TO BE and we DO NOT want to be. After all, the wiser people will always learn from somebody's else mistakes. 

10. In anything that we do in anytime at anywhere, it is always WE which is ME that matter. ME; is the only person that we have full control over him or her that does not need any approval from external surroundings and it is all depends on the belief, culture, knowledge and skills that have been embedded in the heart and soul of ME. 

AlHambra, Granada, Spain

Have a nice day. Wassalam~

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

So It Won't Be Too Late

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Upon back from my 10th trip to Morocco, Spain & Portugal last month, it is undeniable that I am too occupied. In spite of this hectic life, I am still thankful because I am a true believer that too much free times do kills people. After all, I did not entertained any work related matters during the whole 18 days of leave. Yes, a true work life balance indeed; DURING THAT MOMENT. 


It's just 28 days I start working after that trip and have traveled twice for business purpose. And honestly, I just update on my movement via our family Whatsapp group. Yeah, I think that's the pros side of having advance technology nowadays; at least our parents can be updated about our movement.

But tonight it's a little bit touching. I'm not that too close with my dad as I am closer to my mom. I mean, the closeness between me and my mom is up to the level I can tell my mom; "Mom, you should have clearer vision and mission on how your career will be!" 

And my mom would answer;

"I don't want to be too ambitious like you and after that telling people that you got headache."

Kaotubia Mosque, Marrakech

And since I came back from my hometown 17 days ago, I have not call my dad even once. And suddenly he called me tonight, mentioning how bored his life was in the place he works. 

Being a man, it's not an easy for him to share his personal thought especially with his firm eldest daughter but somehow, I am quite surprised that he done it!

Maybe I am still under the influence of Suri Hati Mr Pilot drama series; the scene between Warda and her Walid and not long after that Walid is leaving Warda permanently. I suddenly said "Take care daddy, I love you." at the end of our conversation.

And I startled when my dad replied; "OK, I love you too."


El Retiro Parque, Madrid

Yes, before it's too late, say I love you to the person that  sacrificed and means a lot for you. Nothing is permanent in this world. 

Being a typical Malay, we always keep this phrase to our heart; even in some cases, it was never been said at all.

And my conversation with my dad tonight reminds me to one of the Nasheed song by UNIC; Lafaz Yang Tersimpan.

"Mengapakah sukar menyusun bicara
Meluahkan rasa menuturkan sayang
Kasih yang terlimpah hanyalah sekadar tingkah

Cumalah ungkapan bisu kalimah rahsia

Tiada lagi ertinya pengucapan
Andai akhir nafas di hujung helaan
Sebelum mata rapat terpejam
Usah biar kehilangan
Menggantikan lafaz yang tersimpan"

Have a nice day. Wassalam~

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Memory: "Walau Genggamannya Kuat...."

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

Alhamdulillah,  in less than a week, I will be hitting my 4th year with one of the main players in Oil and Gas industry. And throughout this 4 years, I can't deny the fact that I have learned a lot; and it still have a lot to go!

The most fundamental thing that I have learned throughout these years is most of the times, things will not go as how we wish it could be. But looking back on the journey that I've gone through, it strengthen my inner self but at the same time soften the external side of me; although at the moment I write this post, most of the people would perceive me as a bold lady or in the other words; assertive and firm.

Singapore Zoo, Singapore

But for this post, I would not touch on anything related to my journey with this company. I would rather touched on the journey on how I can be part of this company and it leads to my infinite thankful to Allah swt for revealing the hikmah behind all this.

Walau genggamannya kuat,
Tapi bukan milik kita,
Akan terlerai jua...

I was unofficially graduated from one local university back in January 2012. Being a fast tracked sponsored student, it has become one of my regrets for not having ample leisure time after 13 years of study; from kindergarten until the end of my high school. Adding it up to 5 years of my degree duration, it means that I have been officially study for 18 years throughout  my life!

Hence, I think that I need a little moment of pause; at least.

Just two months before I unofficially graduated, I have passed an interview with one of well-known international oil and gas players. Knowing that I am the only one who passed that stage among my course mates, I think that I should put my best until the final stage. And here comes the story of rezeqi, qada' & qadar, hikmah and destination.

I have fall head over heels towards this company just because I knew that it's hard to pass the stage that I've passed. On top of this, my internship experience while dealing with this company really makes me fall in love with their culture, on top of their charming Chairman during that time.  Oh my goodness!  *HAHA*

I keep on waiting for their invitation to the final stage starting from that moment. During  this waiting period, I have got few interview invitations; ranging from oil and gas companies up to mobile manufacturer company. In fact,  I have declined triples time interview invitation from the company that I am currently working with today! That's how irony it is.

Marina Bay, Singapore

I rejected the offer from that mobile company in spite of being offered to be located at Korea for few months just because I will be bonded to them for few years after. Personally,  I am blessed to be a non bonded scholars to one of major educational sponsors in Malaysia, on top of being able to graduate with just 0.03 points CGPA above the minimum requirement; and hence I am totally free from any debts and any obligation to be bond to any organization. 

During that so called leisure time,  I started to learn on money management; on top of reading quite numbers of investment related books. Thanks Allah for making me as a person who really concern on my time consumption as I will always ensure anything that I do must give me something at the end of the day.

At the same time, I worked as Research Assistant to one of the doctors pursuing her PhD and it gives me wonderful experience while collecting the data regarding post baby delivery complication at rural areas in Sarawak. That experience have brought me to many wonderful Bidayuh villages and somehow broaden my perspective in medical industry.

After five months idling at home, I started to feel the heat. More and more my university batch mates have secured a job. And somehow, my current company called me for interview for the forth time.  Just few hours after the call, the final stage for another company that I've been waiting for so long called me to attend the final stage; and it falls on the same day I shall attend the interview with my current company. 

I still hold on my first option tightly. I rejected the forth interview invitation and prepared thoroughly for the final stage of my main preference. And guess what, just two days after the final stage event, they called me and informed that my application is unsuccessful but the good thing is they did mentioned on the areas that I shall polish my skill in my future undertaking.

And miracle happened.  The company that I currently working with call me to come for interview for the fifth time. And of course, with the broken heart, I just accept it without thinking further. And it's just within a week, I knew I passed the interview. And guess what? Another drama is about to begin. * HAHA*

However, since my focus here is for us to reflect back on blessings that we have, I could not deny the fact that my current company has been destined to be part of my life journey in this world. Looking back down to the memory lane,  I have been taking the offer for granted for many times because I already have my main preference but it ends up that my main option is not the place that I am belongs to, today.

View of Singapore Port from top; flight is about to landing.
Lesson learned?

Have faith. Believe in the power of prayer and rezeqi. Anything or anyone that is destined to be with us will always be with us in the end. Nothing and no one can take it or grab it from us. Same goes to the things or person that we've been longing to have or to be with for such a long time, no matter how much the efforts that we've made, if it was destined not to be ours, it will never been. It's always the matter of either we will get it, it will be put on hold or better things are waiting ^_^

Currently playing Alhamdulillah, Wani ft Juzztin.

P/S: That charming Chairman is now in the same company with me. In fact, he joined this company just two months earlier than me! :P

Have a nice day :)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Monologue: The Moment of New Assignment

Assalamua'laikum wbt and good day,

Today mark another milestone in my career Journey. I has been assigned to be apart of new team for the new business entity of my current company. I still remember the day I received the appointment later, it was on Friday morning and I will be heading to Kuching to spend my weekend with my family. It is not easy to accept the fact that I have to leave the current city that I am currently residing but after all life is about being dynamics and open to changes.

Bandaranaike International Airport, Sri Lanka.

And it has come to the third week I have been assigned to this task. Thank God  everything went very well despite I have to catch up everything quite far since this new organization doesn't have any solid ground yet. I wish I am strong enough to adapt to these changes since I have been quite idle fore almost 3 months before being assigned to this post.

Krabi, Thailand.
I do not know why I am quite positive about my next assignment in the new city. Today I have decided tho visit my future location in order to get the feel. To my surprise  the house there is quite expensive. I still in the middle of doing further analysis in order to access the relevancy of buying the house in that city.

Doing my self introspection, I realize that to always look on the bright side is actually a choice. From the moment I accept the letter of assignment, I think I am know more positive towards this transfer. After all we cannot deny the fact that everything happen to us is actually the best blessing given by Allah to his servants.

Sultan Mosque, Singapore.

Lets spread the positivity all around. I believe, there's lots of hikmah behind this.

Have a nice day :)


Trip to Sri Lanka (Overview)

Assalamua'laikum wbt and Good Day,

Alhamdulillah, done with my 9th trip and this was the 12th countries I've visited. Singlehood KPI almost achieved! *yeay*

View of Colombo Harbour at dusk.
After visiting Taiwan last December, one thought comes to my mind; if I have visited Chinese majority country, I must visit Indian majority country too! And I started searched about Southern Asean countries.

Knowing myself, I start to search about India but based on few reviews, I can feel India does not suit my characters. However, upon heard from my Quebec's friend who have visited Sri Lanka, I think this country could be the right choice.

I bought the ticket with less than 400 MYR for returns trip from Kuala Lumpur. To be frank, I never know that Malaysians require visa to visit Sri Lanka. Just few months before the trip and upon checking with few websites, it was confirmed that I need to apply for visa prior to arrive at Sri Lanka. 

View of Colombo from the sky prior to landing.
The visa cost me 35 USD. Although I am not that sincere to pay for the cost, I just proceed since the ticket is already bought. In addition, there's a lot of uncertainties and this trip may change my perspective about life right? 

Below is the summary of my 9th trip:

1) Beware of the tuk tuk driver. They may charge you too much for a very short distance. Not all are dishonest, but there is. 

2) The accommodation price in Sri Lanka is very expensive. That is why I opted for AirBnb instead of hotel. Unless you don't mind to pay for 4 stars price with a standard of 1 star, then please proceed.

3) Back to point #1, the charge for every kilometer using tuk tuk should be 40 LKR. However, please expect the price is high for tourist. *I hate this*

4) Halal food is easily available in Sri Lanka with a very reasonable price. I have been to Colombo, Kandy, Galle and Negombo; and Kandy is very expensive. Please expect to pay for Arab Rice price for Chicken Rice.

5) During my visit, 1 MYR is equivalent to 35 LKR.

6) Although the visa cost for kids is 0 USD, we still have to apply. Please check the website on the age range of kids.

7) Communication is easy as most of Sri Lankans can converse in English very well.

On the way to Colombo City from Bandaranaike International Airport.
I will share more on my Sri Lanka trips in next entry; if I still have the courage to write :P

Have a nice day :)


Monday, March 21, 2016

A Necessary Rambling

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

As time goes by, I have realized more that blood is always thicker than water. It is no deniable that there are few cases that water is thicker than blood, but based on my personal experience, it is always otherwise. Regardless how the relationship has become thinner due to some issues, it is always return back thicker after some times.
This post is based on my personal view and observation. I have seen the way most of the parents raising up their kids somehow have made the ladies become more reliable as compared to the gentlemen. We, ladies are trained to be more independent, strong, reliable and lots more. You named it. It is quite a sad fact that most of our gentlemen nowadays have become less dependable as compared to past years.
Swan River, Perth, Australia
This fact may sound feminist in the eyes of some people. But as I said, it is truly based on my personal view and observation. Sadly, it do happen to some of my close relatives that the sons are less reliable as compared to the daughters. It's somehow triggered my mind; is it due to our education system?
From my observation and experience, our education system is on the pro side for those who are fall under visual type of learner. And hence, it has become a con side for those who are audiometry and kinesthetic; and I strongly believe most of the boys fall under this type of learner.
Living in the country whereby academics background and number of A's somehow can impact the future has make this thing becomes worst. Some of the ladies are being advised by the older generations to not become selective in choosing their other better half in order to avoid being single until late age. But luckily, not all ladies are buy-in into this kind of stereotype of thinking, including me. :)
Kings Park, Perth, Australia
Taking my own father as example, he has become a reliable brother to all his brothers and his only sister. Although there are some moments whereby I think that he supposedly not treat his sister who is already married with so-called some kind of luxury, but when I rethink back during my rationale state of emotion, he is actually do the right thing as the oldest brother. He always provide his sister with any sort of supports and make her happy without neglecting us as his own family and putting us as his priority. And somehow, it reflects the way I judge the other gentlemen. I am now strongly believe that a man who is kind to his own family will definitely a kind person to his future other half and family; on top of being a good servant of The Almighty.

However, there are still many accountable men today. It is just that the numbers of those unreliable based on my personal observation have been increasing too. To all parents, lets empower your son and to all gentlemen out there, everyday is always an opportunity to improve; same goes to the ladies. :)
P/S: During this post is drafted, both my parents and my youngest sister were at KL with my father's sister (with her husband and daughter). My father decides to treat his sister with a trip to Kuala Lumpur as his sister never board any planes before. May Allah blessed my father (and my mother) for being a good real example on how a brother shall treat his sister :')
Have a nice day :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Take Charge of Our Bucket :)

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

How Full is Your Bucket is definitely a must read book for everyone!
*I do not received any commission for promoting this book anyway* =)
Along the road in Bukittinggi, Indonesia
The moment I saw this book at one of MPH stores last year, I just simply grabbed and paid for it. And that was the first book that I straight away read  upon purchased although there are still a lot of books queuing for turn to be read by me :P 
Sometimes, the only thing that we have to change inside us is the way we view and perceive everything that happening around us. Having a strong faith that everything happens for reasons is a must for us, especially for a Muslim who must uphold the sixth Pillars of Iman which is The Belief in Al-Qadar.
Istana Pagaruyung, Padang, Indonesia
One of the most interesting facts that I figured out from that book is;
For every one negative bucket, we need to neutralize it with  five positive buckets.
And that fact is somehow surprising and makes me realized that how much we have waste our life for responding excessively to all negativities that surround us.
It is good to be ignorance; especially on things and matters that have less impact to us and just make us feel emotional without any reasons. That is why ignorance sometimes is a bless.
However, there is still a need for us to react on any negative things that may have huge impacts to us; but be mindful to react in a very positive manner.
Danau Singkarak, Padang, Indonesia
It's because the tones and manners that matter the most; more than the wisdom message that we are trying to convey.
And in order to remain positive al the times (although it sounds too ambitious), we have to avoid seeing and hearing the negative things from negative people.
Remember, positivity always begin with ourselves =)
Have a nice day :)

Searching for Real Passion

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,
In life, there'll come one day when we finally realize that we are not living in the life that we desire. We realize that most of the things we do is out of our passion.
We keep on doing the same thing everyday. Again and again. Until we reach one level when we suddenly realize that "this is not what I wish", and  "this is not the life that I want".
Somehow, we might think that everything has been too late. But actually life has so much to offer. Yes, we may begin doing something that we are passionate about in a quite old age. After all, it is always better late than never.

Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines
Looking back on the old days, I was hoping that I will become a teacher when I grow up. But as time goes by, I find that being a teacher is not really interest me as my own mother is also a teacher. I realized that being involved with many people for quite long time may cause me severe headache; although there is a moment where I need to reach some people to have some deep talk. *that's how ambivert I am*
Then, I started fall in love with doctor because I like and score well in my Biology. And Alhamdulillah, during my last year of high school, there is an event called International Conference of Medicine at Putrajaya International Conference Centre and all MRSMs need to send their Top 10 students for that conference. And somehow, the reality of doctor's life does not impressed me at all. I rethink back on my real passion after that conference. And for your info, only two out of ten of us who went to that conference choose to be a doctor today. *such a waste of investment* :P
Only when few of us were selected to fill in Skim Pelajar Cemerlang (SPC) application form upon our SPM trial results were released that I think that I want to become an engineer. During that time, I never know that engineering course actually need us to have a strong foundation in Additional Mathematics; one of the subjects that I am not interested in. And finally, I enrolled myself in Chemical Engineering course at one of the local universities under this scheme.

In front of Manila Post Office Building, Philippines
The story of my so-called passion haywire doesn't end there. Upon secured myself by getting an employment at one of oil and gas main players and sit for technical post for 2.5 years, I think that engineering is not my passion. In addition, I want to get myself out from my current section on that time since that section needs to relocate to other city of Sarawak. I transferred to other department since then. And it was the worst decision that I ever made since that department really bring out the worst of me instead of getting out the best in me.
And today, I still searching for my other passions other than in investment and financial related matters.
Sometimes, I wish that I just sitting on my sofa and monitor the stocks daily trending.
Sometimes, I wish that I can travel around the world and keep on leaving at different countries each month and read my favourite books.
Sometimes, I wish I can be promoted faster and take charge in business and strategic planning for my current company.
Sometimes, I wish I have ample time and keep inspires to write and publish my own books.
Sometimes, I wish I am an excellent investor like Warren Buffet.

Sometimes, I wish I am an expert baker, owning my own exclusive bakery.
And sometimes, I do wish that I am an intelligent housewife, excellent mommy and supportive wife to a husband.

Chinatown Walk, Manila, Philippines
And today, I realized that having my own internal conflict is the hardest conflict among all.
Allah, guide me every single day. And all of the readers. :')
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tips: Selecting Accommodation

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

It's been a while I haven't drafted any post within a week. Whenever I feel blurr on what to write, I know that it's time to read more. In fact, it is so true at least to myself; you will not be able to give what you does not have. In this case, it could be an idea, new vocabulary and anything that may inspire me to write.

One of the books on my bookshelf captured my eyes when I just look into all the books collection that I have. I have completed read this book more than a year back; when I underwent my intensive one year induction program at Kuala Terengganu. Somehow, my instinct told me to reread this book.

"Cinta di Rumah Hasan Al Banna" 

A book with beautiful contents whereby it shows me how a busy man can be such a good husband, wonderful father and loyal friend to his wife and kids. This book shows me that if we really plan our time wisely, we actually can do more for the sake of better ummah and better world. 
Krabi, Thailand
As on the day this post was drafted, I will be travel again in a month time to one country in South East Asia. Actually, when I first plan on my travel for this year, this country never crossed my mind; but considering that there is a direct flight from the city where I am currently reside to this country, I just proceed. 

Yes, sometimes, in order to travel, we just have to buy the flight ticket first; as long as the price is within our budget. Waiting for cheapest price is somehow ridiculous as we never know how much the flight price can go down. 

Since I have started touch about my travel, let me share few tips on ways to book our accommodation when we travel especially when we travel abroad.

 Krabi, Thailand

1. Sign up for membership in our preferred booking website. Who knows we might collect the points based on our booking and we can redeem the points later?

2. Check for the price and any special terms. When I was in Manila, the hotel where I reside strictly not allowed more than 2 adults in a room and they did check the passport one by one.

3. Check the distance of the hotel from train station (if that place got LRT/ MRT). This would ease the movement later as we do not have to fully rely on bus or cab.

4. Do check previous travelers review on that hotel and do not rely on one website. We have many options nowadays; Agoda, Booking, TripAdvisor, etc.

After all, although I always travel on tight budget, I still concern on my comfort especially on accommodation :)

Somehow, we still can stay in a comfy place if we do a thorough selection and planning prior to travel.

Have a nice day :)


Saturday, February 6, 2016

We Decide :)

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

When this post is drafted, I am currently spending my four days Chinese New Year leave in the city where I am currently working in. This is basically my first time spending my four golden days here after living in this city for almost 4 years.

I am currently in the midst of putting extra miles efforts in order to transfer out from my current department. I just being there in less than a year, but upon realizing that my current superior always bringing the worst out of me rather than bringing the best out of me, I think it is the right time to move on; which is in my case, I must put extra miles effort in order to get myself out.

Phuket, Thailand
Basically, regardless where we work, we always can choose as long as we know the correct channel to do so. As in my case, the process may take quite a long time which may take more than a month, but as long as I can move out, I am okay. 

At the same time, we should explore other opportunities outside as well. Sometimes, having many options can reduce our risk to be on losing side. And most importantly, whenever we are trapped in this kind of situation, being prepared mentally, emotionally and financially is a must. I can say that being in a situation whereby we have nothing to loose is vital.

After all,  difficult situations in our life can be a blessing. As a Muslim, we must strongly believe that Allah will never test us beyond our capability. He is the Most Fair and Most Justice and hence, everything happened in our life basically leave us with the best lesson learnt; if we really think about it. 

Phuket, Thailand
After taking few days of self-introspection, I have came out with these conclusions:

1) We cannot control people. Hence, we have to control everything that is within our control. Like in my case, asking for transfer is within my control, but to approve the request, is beyond mine. Therefore, we must leave the rest to Allah; as long as we have make the efforts. Tawakkal is incredibly important.

2) In any situation, never start any evil deeds towards others. It is surely the truth will reveal; just the matter of sooner or later. Trust me, being in a situation whereby we are the one who are being abused, be it in term of physical, mental or emotion; we are always on the winning side. Allah will always guarantee our prayers.

Kajornrangsan School, Phuket, Thailand
3) Never let our past bad experiences just go like that. Learn from it. And as much as we could, avoid to be the bad actor or actress in any situation. Remember, this dunya is just temporary. We have an eternal hereafter. It is definitely a big loss if we were to trade this temporary life with the eternal one. 

4) Always look on the bright side. Even it is bad, it is good :) Cliche isn't it? 

Have a nice day :)


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wealth Management: Way to Start

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,
It is good that today's youngsters have better financial insight as compared to previous generations. Most of them who are mostly Muslims have registered their account at Tabung Haji (TH), one of the boards in Malaysia that responsible in assisting the Muslim citizens to perform their pilgrimage. As of the date this post was drafted, the minimum amount that must be deposited into TH account is 1300 MYR in order to book our queue for pilgrimage with the most basic assistance.
However, there are many news keep on viral today whereby TH fund reserve bank is currently is at negative level. In a simple word, it indicates that TH might not be able to pay the dividends to millions of its depositors like previous years. However, there is still no concrete statement from any official parties who supposedly accountable to manage all the funds inside TH.
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei Darussalam
Frankly speaking, I was deeply frustrated when I first read about this rumours. However, knowing that we cannot trust rumours so much although our instincts believe otherwise could be the best way to divert our attention in order to mitigate the risks associated with our savings.
On top of this, the government just release the new 2016's budget whereby the employees now have the options to either opt for 8% or 11% contribution to their Employee Provident Fund (EPF). I will not touch on these options as I believed that different people will definitely has different needs. But as for myself, I still stick to the current 11% deduction for the sake of tax benefits.
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei Darussalam
Whenever any issues like these arise, having a solid financial planning is extremely important. Or else, we tend to base our judgment by following the majority preference without considering the pros and cons with our own current financial states and needs.
I would love to share the books that I have read in order to strengthen my basis while doing my own financial planning. My suggestions may not fit into everyone, but I believe you may consider to have these books in order to enrich your knowledge on financial planning.
1. The Millionaire in Me by Azizi Ali
This book teach us on way to manage our money but still become an employee.
2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki
This book has opened my eyes that being highly educated in formal education system may not bring us to financial freedom; but financial knowledge do.
3. Cashflow Quadrants by Robert T Kiyosaki
This book told us about four types of individual based on the way they earn their money and ways to make money works for us instead of the other way around.
Brunei International Airport, Brunei Darussalam
4. Believe in Your Dreams and Grow Rich by George Leong
This book taught us a practical ways in managing our earnings or incomes and the necessity of having a good financial planning since early age.
And for Muslims, I would suggest you to read Mukmin Professional written by Ustaz Pahrol Mohd Juoi before you read any of books mentioned above in order to strengthen your basis on why we as a Muslim must strive to be the best in anything that we do, whereby in this case, it is by being a good rich Muslim.
Have a nice day :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Is Planning Necessary?

Assalamua'laikum wbt and Good Day,
It has been almost two weeks passed by in this another new year. How are we going so far? Not to mention, the price of crude oil keeps on depleting. As of today (when this post is drafted), the price for crude oil Brent falls as low as 25.99 USD per barrel. It really hits us who served the oil and gas players; on top of bad political situations in Malaysia.
While that are the conditions that we are currently living in, we should not limit ourselves from doing more. Being travel for quite frequent within this 3 years somehow has broaden my horizon, and the world actually has so much to offer.
As a Muslim, it is true that we have to leave to Allah to decide the best on the path that we are about to walk. But, Allah never told us to just leave it to Him without any efforts. Yes, Allah will always give the best for us. But somehow, that best thing in life do not come for free and effortless. We still have to plan, strategize and execute the plan; and only the results part we left it to Allah because He knows the best.
Tanah Datar, Bukittinggi, Indonesia
It is somehow reminds me to my journey when I were about to begin back in 2012. When I was graduated in January, I did not want to straight away get any job because I want to learn about other things. I am still quite anxious although it is my choice to be selective on which company that I want to start my career, but somehow, we must have some courage in any thing that we have decided and planned for ourselves. I attended few talks on property investment, took the examination in order to become certified unit trust consultant and became a research assistant to one doctor which has take me to many Bidayuh villages in Sarawak.
Alhamdulillah, I did not see the results immediately but I hold my faith strongly that what I am currently doing at that moment is somehow worthy in future. And only in 2015, I see the results.  The unit trust that I have started investing in 2012 already give me a positive cash flow. I start doing flipping in 2015 as well and it gave me 49% of gain within 23 months!
Surau Nagari, Lubuk Bauk, Batusangkar, Indonesia
On the same year as well, I passed my Accelerated Capability Development with excellent achievement. I am entitled to be promoted to the next higher level. But upon doing the pros and cons analysis, I need to slow down a bit in my career for the next 2 years in order to avoid myself climbing the ladder to fast. Having higher responsibility with a so-so income is something that I am refused to do for myself.
For some, climbing the career ladder faster might be their dream. But to me, to gain a salary of higher level with lower position is my priority. It is depending on your self-believe. Some people quench by position, whereby some prefer to remain low but they have lots of time for themselves. I don't want to trade my precious time with money under employee quadrant. It is very subjective.
Along the road in Batusangkar, Indonesia
After all, planning and have faith with your planning is a must. But, planning without execution is troublesome as well since it won't bring you anywhere.
Have a nice day :)