Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Twenty Nine!~

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day,

It has been almost a month passed from my exact 29th birthday and I only had the time & ideas on things to write now :P  As per previous post, I am still enjoying (hopefully) my sabbatical journey somewhere in Malaysia before return back to my career by end of Quarter 1 next year. Looking back on the things I have done, the decision to take this break is somehow unexpected and it is not true if I say that I have no worry at all before proceed with this. So far, life is still good and of course, it is a mixture of tidal wave and beautiful sunrise. I have to thanks Allah trillion times for making things easier most of the times; more importantly, I always have the options. :)

Talking about options, I am a strong believer that having multiple options usually make us act more human and rationale as compared to those who had no choice. But somehow, after browsing through few articles and websites, the idea of having an option is sometimes object by some motivators as they believe that a strong desire for success is only created once you have no other option except to reach for your goal. In this regards, my personal view is the option in this context would be more on the methodologies in reaching the target. But if people ask me what is my medium goal, it will always having an option to work because of I want instead of I need by age of 40 :)

Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia

29 is quite significant for me as it is the last twenties before I get into thirties. *definitely*

There are few lessons throughout this 29 years of living which sometimes do make me smile:

Life is always uncertain. It is fine to make a plan but there must be a balance between stick to the goal and go with the flow. 

We will be more selective in choosing the people that we want to surround ourselves with as we grow older. It is not because they are bad, it is mostly because the values that we hold are different.

Opportunity always come whenever we have prepared ourselves for it. Luck just play a small portion. :)

Being thankful for what we have is a must. However, I have to admit the fact that gratitude is always easy said than done. 

Living a content life is about having an option. Hence, knowing the difference between what we need and what we want is extremely crucial.

There is nothing more precious than having ample time to do things that we love. It will take quite some times to discover things that we are passionate about.

There is no one that we met in our life is by accident. They exist in our life's chapter for some reasons; either as sweet memories or bitter lessons. 

It is definitely fine to pay for experience. As I grow older, memories make me feel more alive than things that I bought or hoarded. 

We will appreciate our parents more as we grow older. Most of their advice will somehow appear as very true from time to time. Hence, it is OK to disagree with them when we were young, but keeping some of the disagreement to ourselves is still a good option.

Colleagues mostly remain as colleagues. Only few is worth to be considered as friends. Keep the boundary clear to avoid unnecessary conflict in future.

Lawas, Sarawak, Malaysia

First love is always hard to be forgotten. But there is nothing more special than the last one. (Based on true story among my circle) *HAHA*

Actions speak louder than words. Trust the non verbal more and your own observation & guts.

There is always a fine line between networking and propping. Networking is good, but propping is otherwise. Huh!

The hardest thing that I find hardest so far is to find a balance between enjoying the presence and preparing for the rain. Try it! 

Law of attraction is real and true. That is why we always attracted or closed to personnel who hold the same value and mindset with us.

It is hard to remain kind when we hold an absolute power. That is why absolute power corrupt absolutely.

Keeping our body and mind fit and healthy should be the most important agenda in our entire life. Try to get sick if you do not trust me :P

Wisdom comes with experience is true. We may see and feel this by observing people with right experience versus those with no experience.

Everyone got some selfishness in them. A success negotiation always fulfill the answer for "What is it for me?" for all parties except our Prophet and our mom.

Not all educated person have good manners. But lack of education may results in lack of manners.

Milford Sound, South New Zealand

Sorry is the simplest word but the hardest one to be said. Most of the people just dare enough to say it through written communication. Hence, the truest song that I heard so far is Sorry Seems to be The Hardest Word.

In spite money is not everything, it is the foundation of many things. Try to observe the treatment received by a good payer versus those who are not.

People who beg you to borrow your money will hardly pay it back unless you ask from them. Hence, it is safer to lend the money in the amount that you are OK to not receive it back. Or else, never lend your money in the first place. 

Time is more valuable than money. We can put efforts to gain more money but there is no way to get more time unless we improve the way we manage it.

Reading is magical. I cannot deny the fact that reading somehow brought me to where I am today. Choose our reading materials wisely.

The more we able to delegate our task diligently, the faster we master the art of being a successful leader. Always delegate when the things that we must do ourselves count the most.

Insecurity exist; and it is detectable :P

Our best friends usually our biggest critique whenever we meet them. But no worries, we call them best friends because they are the one who praised us a lot at our back. :)

29 is just a number. Lets embrace our age. #ladywithclass

Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam~