Friday, February 17, 2017

The Reflection of 2016~

Assalamua'laikum wbt & good day,

It has been quite some times I have  not browsed into my Blogger dashboard. Busy is definitely not the reason; but I would say that blogging is not my priority all this while. The reason I said so is because after some times, I realized that in spite of how occupied I am, I always try to accommodate part of my time to things that really matter to me. So, if I answered that I'm busy in responding to your request, please understand the indirect message. *HAHA*. Brutally honest? That's the reality of life indeed! 

Last year is one of the most fulfilling years throughout my 27 years and 3 months of living. I have been traveling abroad every quarter, which is one of my wishlists and inshaAllah will fulfill another wishlist this year; but seems like it's not about getting married. *HAHA*

But still, please pray for me. Like death & sustenance, I believe the same thing goes to anything related to mate. We just have to pray for the best, and believe that Allah will answer to it at the best time with the right person.

The serenity view from Cordoba to Granada, Spain.
In spite of busy traveling, I figured out that last year has been quite productive for me. New achievement, new environment and new experience. After all, I am now a total believer that becoming a productive person keeps us going, but we have to be really careful on the nuances in between busy & productive.

Busy bring us nowhere, but being productive do produce RESULTS. That is where we have to be visionary and clear about where do we envisage our life will be heading; in any aspects that truly matters to us. 

Being realistic is relevant, but it should not stop us from dream BIG. Being realistic will pave the timeline that we should consider in achieving our dream, but what to be achieved should be LIMITLESS. As long as it does not contradicts with our religion and bring down our integrity, there is basically nothing will stop us

Singapore City Gallery, Singapore.
When I went to Singapore last March, I did visit Singapore City Gallery, whereby all the future town planning on how Singapore is envisaged to be is clearly explained and demonstrated through the  illustration. In spite of its small size and limited natural resources, their thorough planning and vision have turned Singapore to be one of so called "Country with Superb Brain". And it makes me questioned myself, do my country have this? But then, I realized that I can't change anything outside me except myself. Hence, it brings me to the reality that change in a country is basically the results of change in individuals. So, if we keep on complaining about our country, how about we start to change ourselves first? *DUSH*

Today is the 48th day of 2017, and I am still struggling in determining my priority. Career is one of it, but there is other priorities that needs to be ranked accordingly. Work is definitely a never ending task, and in this never ending thingy is where we learn to look deep into ourselves and start asking; What actually the thing(s) that really  matters to me?

History Museum of Barcelona, Spain.

Thank you 2016, it has been an excellent mixture of challenges & achievements!


Hola 2017, lets maneuver the journey with full of faith, positivism and spirits!

Have a nice day. Wassalam~