Sunday, September 17, 2017

Anniversary: The Fifth~

Assalamua'laikum wbt & Good Day~

There are lots of things happened and on-going at current moment; as I have not updated this blog for almost two months. I just completed my 13th trip that is equivalent to Chapter 15 of my travelog at New Zealand and still recovering. 

Yes, recovering; mentally, emotionally, physically & FINANCIALLY. HAHAHA

I was at Milford Sound - Piopiotahi when I hit my 5th working anniversary. It was such a fantastic place as the nature there is still virgin and everything is just perfect. Walking down to the memory lane, I never expect that I managed to stay with the same company for five years in spite of all the ups and downs. You may refer here on the history on way I managed to engage myself with this company five years back. HEHE~

Life in the current town where I am residing is just good; although my level of reluctance was almost 100% when I received my mobility later 18 months ago. I am currently enrolling myself to a swimming class but have to put it on hold for a while as my weekend is full with flight at current moment. And yes, I found that sitting in a plane is my current favourite comfort place and I utilise my time the most there.

Ain Dhab, Casablanca, Morocco

Five years may not be long enough but I believe that working place is the most challenging university of life whereby I do learn a lot. From understanding the holistic business spectrum to handling people, this place had taught me the lessons in the most unpredictable way.

And in summary, here are the lessons that I captured:

1. Emotional intelligence is the most crucial and important skill. No matter how good we are, failure in managing our emotion can kill our future career growth.

2. Networking play an equal important role as our skill. We have to make sure both of these elements are equally enhanced and nurtured. 

3. Never break the trust given to us. Once it broken, ten years still not enough to recover the damaged reputation.

4. Some colleagues are mean to be just a colleague. Only few can be trusted as friends. And this is normal. Embrace it! 

Grand Baie, Mauritius
5. Be selective on whom we want to share our personal life story. Some of them were wearing masks that we only discovered once it's already too late. Keep the professionalism intact!

6. Dealing with personnel who we know will always against us is far easier than those who acts like a friend but silently stab us at the back. Be careful and have faith! Karma always work and Allah knows :)

7. Utilise the paid annual leave given to the fullest while we are still young and free. Things get more complex and complicated as we climb the career ladder. 

8. Get at least one mentor that we trust can guide us to the right direction towards our desired career path. How to find a mentor? See the results they produced and their work ethics :)

9. Always eager to learn and be brave enough to admit our mistakes. We are never perfect as we are perfectly imperfect creatures.

10. Never ignore our family because of work as family is always our top priority :)

Bario Highland, Sarawak

Have a nice day. Wassalam~