Monday, November 25, 2019

Embracing 3!~

Assalamua'laikum wbt. & good day,


It feels surreal that I have been living my age up to this number. Went through all the ups and downs, battled between both good and bad internally and externally, experienced heaven and hell kind of environment and not to forget, meeting both angels and devils type of people. In spite of those, I survived to be me, and I hope it will prepare me to be someone great in the future.

I would say that this year is the second healing year, especially after major setback that I encountered back in 2017. Last year was a total turnaround year of myself, which I ended up taking a very bold decision by having a career break. It was unplanned, but as usual, a cliché statement will always, we plan, and Allah is also plan, and His plan is always the best. That four months’ break really change my perspective about life, deepened the gratitude feeling of mine, and the most important lesson that I realized is Allah is never neither a second too late nor a second too early.

Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Having said that, I allowed myself to break from the norms that I have annually since I joined P this year. There is no so-called luxury vacation this year, and I only visited two neighboring countries and there will be one next week. The target numbers of books to be read is still far to be reached as I usually hit at least 75% from the target of fifty books by end of the year. All the flight tickets were bought on impromptu basis and I got the best deal mostly by luck. I regularly spent my time reading and thinking where should I heading to in next ten years. But one thing I am proud to say is that I consistently hit the gym, did my Pilates, evening hiking or played badminton on working days. In other words, I showered myself with the luxury of time which I think had developed a sense of complacency inside myself and I believe that if I choose to stay, it will kill me in silent. A flowing water is always better than a stagnant lake. I must remember this.

Leaving twenties with lots of improvement still on-going is not a wonderful thing to concede. I failed to meet my target to travel to thirty countries by end of two-series as I only been to twenty six countries, I still not meet the target of BMI xx from the previous one (BMI is ultimately a very sensitive issue for ladies I supposed), my financial target is still farfetched from the target that I have set, and there are many more that is quite hard and delicate to be mentioned here.

Nevertheless, on the bright side, I am thankful that my two-series had been as colorful as a rainbow. Before the two series ended, I got myself into Prime Minister Office, been selected to represent Malaysia in International Conference of Cohesive Society with all the other youths around the globe, complete my horse riding lessons, been to all states and federal territories of Malaysia, visited prison and bribery investigation room, given exposure to the country’s administration protocol, prepared speeches to country’s top gun, met almost all the cabinet ministers, escaped from the media, and been to two local islands. I am honestly clueless on where these experiences will lead me, but I believe Allah is preparing me for something good in future.

Langkawi, Malaysia.

The sad things that I realized the moment my age increases were my trusted circle is getting smaller, I have to rely more on myself than others, my life is a total outcome of my own decision, making difficult verdict especially in finance & deciding priorities are all on my own, and living life like nobody business is extremely real. The people that we made is definitely just a reason or enabler, but we are totally accountable for ALL THE CONSEQUENCES.

Moving forward, I started to train myself to be more flexible in term of planning and opening up to various opportunities. I do not know where exactly I will be in the future, but I have a strong faith that the next journey of mine will be a worthy ones. There is no other better equation of luck other than preparations meet opportunity.

To those who still in search for the real direction in life, trust me it will be a never ending one. Having said so, it is no harm to start preparing for the destination that you wish to reach, and always bear in mind that the absolute one will be the day we meet our Creator. Be bold, be brilliant and be sophisticated. Life is always about continuous learning, relearn and unlearn. Sometimes, the things that brought we here is not the same mechanism that will bring us there. Keep ourselves active physically, mentally and always choose to be in the right social circle. The people you always associated with will indirectly determine where you will be. I hate to say this, but after series of heart broken experiences, the people you know matter most than the things you know.

Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam~