Monday, April 20, 2020

MCO Aide-Memoire 1: Pesan Bapak~

Assalamua'laikum wbt. & good day,

Initially, the current Movement Control Order (MCO) should be ended by last Tuesday. However, considering the number of current active cases of COVID 19 in Malaysia, the MCO is now extended to another 14 days since 15 April 2020. Like it or not, as someone who does not held any qualifications in anything related to Health, I strongly believe that trusting the expertise’s advice is the wise thing to do. Therefore, I have to stay at home for another 14 days in which if this stage is not extended afterwards, it means that I have been staying at my home for 41 days in total, with the farthest place that I have went so far is still within 10 km radius from my current house. OK Zaza, you can be proud of yourself. #piouswifecandidate :P

Although there is nothing wrong and nothing less inside my house, I could not deny that sometimes the desire to go out from home is so strong. Last weekend, after staying at home for 25 days without going out even once throughout the duration, I finally have the courage to go out to run my groceries errand. Being someone who used to dress up for almost every day before this MCO is enforced, I took the opportunity to really dress up although I only went out for about one hour. After all, as someone who is quite paranoid especially when there is a very strong evidence and fact that the virus is easily spread, I am willing to source out all the groceries shopping to trusted runner in my area as well as keep ordering ready-made food and pay for the delivery fees. What is it few ringgits as compared to the risks that we have to take, isn’t it?

In less than 10 days, we will be entering Ramadhan, a holy month where all Muslims are required to fast. This year will be quite different as there will be no congregational Taraweh prayer as well as no Bazaar Ramadhan. Moreover, Saudi Arabia also had announced that the pilgrimage this year is postponed until the pandemic is under control. This year had introduced all of us to the new norms, and this new norms is expected to prolong for few more months until the vaccine for COVID 19 is successfully produced and available for consumption by public. I personally got the mixed feeling as there is a probability that I will be celebrating Eid alone here as there is no sign that the flights to my hometown will be available as of today. As usual, I trust that Allah is basically preparing me for something and if not, this could be another mean for Him to protect me from something.

Mukah, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Talking about trusting the Best Planner of All, I could not deny the facts that sometimes, it is very hard for us who are just His creations to understand and fully grasp the wisdom that lies behind every single thing that happened. Most of the times, we tend to rebel or questioning the things that happened until we discovered the reasons for it to happen.

I remembered early of this year, I was planning to send both of my parents for a cruise trip. Somehow, the available date for that trip is coincide with my cousin’s wedding in which as usual, my father will give this kind of thing a priority. Although I am a bit frustrated, I just follow his advice as there is no use for me to proceed registering both of them for the trip if my father is kind of reluctant. He always told me the importance of living in society in which I rarely agree as I believe in individuality. I rarely attend my relatives wedding ceremony as they usually did it during long weekend; whereby I also commonly travel to overseas at this time. Never that I know that shall I proceed with this cruise trip, it will be cancelled as well due to this pandemic. It somehow strengthened my belief to always listen to “pesan bapak” or “dad’s advice”.

During my adolescence, I always asked for RM 20 a week from my dad as my weekly allowance since I am studying at one of the boarding schools in Kuching. He always remind me to keep saving the money although I did it silently. And every single week, I will be given RM 20 as a compulsory allowance that I imposed on him. #whatachild However, as I grow older, I started to realize why he keep reminds me on saving because saving is ultimately important. The moment we are desperate for money, we tend to lose our dignity and integrity. I could not deny the fact that “pesan bapak” is right in this sense and I am lucky because this is the only advice from him that I follow tightly without any argument till today.

Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.

Since I involved with operations improvement and change management five years ago, I started to subscribe to minimalist life style and avoid hoarding items. I have become a value driven person, not only in performing my job, but also in my daily personal life. Upon transferring to current city, I discovered that I have a lot of things and some of that are never been used. I would say that I had been trapped into typical orthodox Malay culture and custom by having a lot of things in which I rarely use in my daily life during early stage of my career. Hence, I sell off some of the items; especially those that I have not used for more than six months. However, my dad had different opinions. As long as we bought the items in cash, and we can have it without burdening other parties, what is wrong with having lots of items? But being me, I just proceed selling off the items, which included my folded mattress. Never that I know, I am in dire need of that folded mattress since I have a principle that I cannot do any other thing on my bed except a proper sleep at night and I finally have to buy a new folded mattress during this MCO for me to leisure at my living hall. And yes, “pesan bapak” is again right this time. (-_-) But then, disobeying this “pesan bapak” was a bless in disguise as I finally have the courage to go out and take the pre-order folded mattress at the shop during this MCO since I doubt there is available runner that would like to take this job.

Lately, whenever I have a phone call with my mom, I always told her that all the things I disputed with my dad had become a hurtful truth. It is a hurtful truth as I have to experience it myself before I can admit that his advice is somehow true. In the end, as someone that is purely evidence and analytical based, I need all the logic reasons for me to agree, although with my own parents. It is somehow true that most of the children only realized the wisdom of their parents’ advice once they passed their 20s. I am just lucky that my dad is still healthy the moment I realized the significant of all his advice and we now can synchronize the way we think; although I realized that my younger brother and sisters still have some disputes with him on the way they look at things. Looking at this, I just can say, you are yet to reach your 29 years and 12 months old yet. :D

 Till then, have a nice day. Wassalam~

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